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MOUNTAIN BIKINGKeeping your bike well maintained can seem like an overwhelming task. But really, there isn't that much to it. You can do most of the maintenance your bike needs in less than three minutes. This includes a quick lube job that will keep your bike running smooth and quiet. Many people overlook this simple maintenance on their bikes. What a lot of these same people don't realize is that a significant portion of their poor gear shifting problems could be solved by simply keeping the chain and derailleurs properly lubed.

Rigid - These bikes get this name due to the fact that they have no suspension. These are bare-boned, classic style mountain bikes. They have many advantages in that they are lightweight and efficient. Since these bikes are so efficient (low energy loss due to absorption of a shock), they make for a great commuter bike as well as mountain bike.

Front Suspension (Hardtail) - The introduction of the front shock revolutionized the mountain bike industry. This introduction gave rise to the hardtail. These are known to be the most popular style of mountain bike. They are designed with a suspension fork that is attached to the front wheel. Hardtails are nice because they take all of the features of a Rigid and add the luxury of suspension. This suspension increases the comfort and control of a mountain bike while riding over rough terrain.

Dual Suspension (Dualie) - As indicated from the name, these mountain bikes have two suspension sections. One is in the front, like the Hardtail. But the other is located in the rear of the bike. This allows for maximum suspension and control when riding over advanced terrain. Advances in suspension technology is making these dual suspension bikes as efficient as the Hardtail and Rigid. These bikes are the cream of the crop of mountain bike cross country racing. Take a look at these Carbon Frame Mountain Bikes!

Freeride/Downhill - These bikes have one purpose and one purpose only; to take a beating. If you desire to scream down the side of a mountain, drop a ten foot cliff, and be able to survive to tell your friends about it then these bikes are right for you. Freeride bikes are typically built with a reinforced frame and wheels to survive the toughest terrain available. Also, they have suspension with longer travel for maximum shock absorption. Due to their durable construction these bikes tend to be heavier that their alternatives, making them best for going downhill.

GiantNerd offers the finest accessories at the lowest prices in the biking world. Quality and durability are the major considerations when selecting accessories for the tough sports of Mountain Biking or Road biking. This store offers everything you will need. Here are a few selections. To view the entire catalog of accessories, click here.

Watch This Cool Mountain Biking Video to see what these bikes will do

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Downhill Mountain Bike Jumps Bike Trail Park La Molina ...
Casino Bicycles - more of our bikes: downhill, mountain
Casino Bicycles - more of our bikes: downhill, mountain ...
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