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Miniature BMX Bike

Gene`s BMX Information -
Road Champs -AKA- JAKKS Pacific had a big bunch of die cast
hand bikes and stuff called "BXS" that in which means cool looking.

A few of the hand bikes appeared as if the real doing work bicycles.
with components and everything required for a cycle, it absolutely was there.

Schwinn, GT, Haro, had some with signatures of this bikers
from that point like Jamie Bestwick, Jay Miron, Brian Foster.
some in addition had figures for the cyclists that included the bicycles.

There was also alot of BXS gear that came with the bikes too
and by its self like ramps and leaps exta. and a complete ready
up of a road corse like into the X-games and there was clearly also a
dirt corse-dirt figure searching leaps and a bmx race track corse.

You could build-up your corse also they
performed have complete sets that you may get.

There in which also many various other companies that cought on to the
BXS trend in those days some of the others seemed way cool too
but JAKKS Pacific using BXS was the first to ever get it out
truth be told there to my knowings.

Many the bikes and parts-ramps exta where offered at alot
of IBD bicycle shops as well as sequence stores like Wal-Mart exta.

All of the finger bikes, ramps and songs BXS as well as others in which a
huge hits with alot of BMX battle songs as a pass time event, some
even had tournaments with all the toy bike figures and equipment it had been a blast.

The craze associated with the finger bikes has died off,
therefore don`t see a lot of it any longer.

Surfin the web site, it seems like they
do not have any thing listed here more about any of it.

The Miniature Road Champs BXS Schwinn bikes and parts are

Vintage BMX Bike (2 Mosh DJ3) Toy Replica
Vintage BMX Bike (2000 Mosh DJ3) Toy Replica
Mr. Bikes - FATBOY Mini BMX | Mini bmx bikes,Fatboy mini
Mr. Bikes - FATBOY Mini BMX | Mini bmx bikes,Fatboy mini ...
FatBoy Mini Asault Pro BMX Unboxing @ Harvester Bikes CANADA
FatBoy Mini Asault Pro BMX Unboxing @ Harvester Bikes CANADA
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