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The maintenance schedule for a bike can vary significantly as to how frequently it really is ridden and exactly what problem it really is directly into begin with. Bicycles which are ridden off-road or perhaps in the rainfall needs more TLC than one which endeavors across Brooklyn Bridge once each month.

However, using the after tips helps hold a bicycle good working condition - which help you understand when it's time and energy to take it directly into a mechanic.

These guidelines need a couple of standard tools (allen secret, wrench, bike lube and de-greaser.) We sell these in-shop, if you want all of them. And: remember good bicycle pump, to keep atmosphere in your tires!

Bicycle attention ideas:

  • Keep your bike inside; stay away from saving it outside. Weather condition's liquid and dust will combine resulting in harsh use and cost you much more in fixes and solution.
  • Bicycles ridden in rainfall and/or off-road usually require much more regular and considerable service. If you are a frequent commuter or distance rider, you may find your cycle requires service more often. Probably since you're having more enjoyable. Nice work!
  • Avoid using WD40 on your string!! WD-40 is perfect for doorways and items that move occasionally, perhaps not bikes - that have many stress and motion. In reality, WD40 will actually remove your sequence of oil, causing metal-on-metal grinding. Instead: Make Use Of string lubricant!
  • If the bicycle happens to be crashed, or perhaps you bought an used bicycle, we recommend taking it set for an extensive check-up to ensure that it's working properly. In which components link or move, if as opposed to switching or moving they as an alternative "wobble" or creak, one thing is probably in need of interest. Bring it in - we're pleased to take a look.
  • Relish it! The number 1 goal of a bike must be to offer transport and enjoyable. If these details overwhelm you, just focus on the "every trip" area when you look at the remaining column! Our mechanics are content to answer concerns if you think in over the head. If you want to get the full story, we invite that check out our maintenance and repair courses!

every ride
(a protection check)

(or 500 miles)

six months
(or 2, 500 kilometers)

(or 6, 000 kilometers)

check tire stress. whether it's reasonable (if the tire feels "squishy"), fill towards the correct PSI - that will be listed on part of one's tire.

clean bicycle framework with a fabric.

inspect frame and elements for signs of use, such splits or dents.

clean and wax the framework to protect the paint/finish.

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