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Last weekend, we connected the BibBits magnets to our jersey and gave it the cyclocross run-through. © Cyclocross MagazineHow important are incorrect battle results? Would you like to ensure it is simple on the timing team? Or is it much more crucial that you protect your pricey threads? Perhaps the thought of poking eight holes into a Rapha jersey or a Castelli skinsuit brings rips to your eyes.

BibBits is making and attempting to sell competition number magnets since 2012 therefore the company targets the working and cycling group and any person tired of security pins (don’t make use of these on fabric diapers though, and they’re dangerous if swallowed).

We actually desired to such as the BibBits Start Number Mounting system: changing pins with magnets simplifies the main standard pre-race program, making “numbering” a kit a little faster and protecting clothes from harm.

BibBits presents an answer for poking holes inside preferred jersey. © Cyclocross Magazine

The process is simple, and putting on several is literally a polarized breeze. The actual only real bikers just who might-be disappointed are the couple of which would like to in the beginning mount their figures while wearing their jersey simultaneously; the interior magnets make such work clumsy, despite having someone (but can truly help break the ice on getting loads closer). Once the magnets are in the beginning attached, however, one can easily adjust all of them to help make the number tight against one’s side.

One of several dilemmas is decide how near to the sides and edges you add the magnets. Too close and any movement for the number will have the quantity pull-out from under the magnets. Too far from the spot while’ve got a little bit of the quantity flapping around.

Within my first test in a cyclocross battle, one spot in the course of time worked itself out from in magnets. Soon after, we destroyed the additional 1 / 2 of one of several pairs, and also the quantity had been flapping in the wind. With these types of power regarding the continuing to be magnets, it absolutely was not surprising that the quantity fooled entirely.

Readjusting now is easier with magnets than pins, and BibBits even gives the replica pin-decal for traditionalists. © Cyclocross MagazineIt’s worth noting the race quantity I utilized was a little more paper-based and rigid than the typical Tyvek competition quantity, and that rigidity could have added to it working loose, but i'd anticipate them to work alongside any number you’d ordinarily pin in.

Most of us battle for results, and if an exact outcome is more essential than putting a couple of holes in a jersey, then BibBits does not rather do its work.

Having got the grievances through the initial cyclocross try associated with the method, we should keep in mind that it seems just like the organization did believe over plenty of factors, albeit for recreations without the thorough demands of cyclocross. The inner halves are curved on the cheap discomfort, additionally the organization promises they've tested their particular item with runner’s timing tags and heart rate screens with no harmful effects (individuals with pacemakers may want to give the magnets a wide berth, though).

Possibly non-contact roadway rushing or time trials might be a better application for BibBits, but we can’t attest to any aerodynamic attributes and we also stress they won’t stay on should you hit the deck (although in roadway activities, keepin constantly your quantity in position after an accident is probably the smallest amount of of concerns).

The magnets could be good-for running and road cycling, but they performedn’t endure to your early tests in the cyclocross course. © Cyclocross magWould I decide to try all of them once more? I'd provide them with another chance, since my competition outcome does not impact anything and usually isn’t worth bragging about. But I’m today quick one couple of magnets, so I can’t quite do another complete test. When you do pick-up some, pick-up various plans, so you’ll have actually backups.

They've been priced at somewhat under $14.99 for complete ready, because of the full weight of all of the eight halves at advertised 20g. All magnets could be calculated by a specific pull energy, that is typically the time and effort it can take to eliminate a magnet from a sheet of 3mm metal. BibBits has the claimed pull energy of 1.1 kg with the outdoors magnet of 20x10mm, with 15mm of width, and generally are nickel-plated neodymium magnets.

There’s other available choices online too, including a more-recent entry in to the marketplace, RaceDots. Interestingly enough, when it comes to DIY racers online, you'll find raw 12mm circular magnets on the web for an in depth cost with a 2.6kg pull power. Wen’t tried these away however, therefore we can’t report from the feasible skin discomfort, although cyclocross races tend to be 60 minutes tops, making sure that may be a non-factor. Additionally their particular small-size and strong pull strength could make all of them tough to adjust or eliminate.

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