Bicycle Race (uncut)

Bicycle Race video Uncut

Country of origin
Original language(s)
No. of periods
No. of episodes 902
Executive producer(s) J.F. Musial
Producer(s) Mike Spinelli
Zach Klapman (Manufacturing)
  • Josh Vietze
  • Ian Whelan
  • Tom Morningstar
  • William Barber
  • Neil Carey
  • Nino Cutraro
  • Christer Harris
  • Thaddeus Brown
Working time Changes, typically 10-25 minutes
Original network Internet:

/DRIVE is an automotive system and preferred YouTube channel with web video show focused on car reviews, driving activities, motorsports coverage, and detail by detail discusses the production of high-end vehicles. Established on January 2, 2012, /DRIVE had been the first new show to air within Google's original content effort. Michael Spinelli of, Gumball 3000 veteran Alex Roy of Team Polizei 144, Matt Farah of, and Chris Harris formerly of AutoCar and EVO magazine, were an element of the preliminary launch period and remain crucial contributors towards the /DRIVE channel.

Relating to its YouTube station information, the overall aim of /DRIVE will be offer high quality site content that "celebrates the culture of vehicles, taking the market traveling, toward events, to your factories, towards studios - and to other areas automobile fans have always wanted to go, but never really had the chance". The diverse lineup of /DRIVE show offers movie content for variety of vehicle enthusiast, from test drives to factory tours to honest rushing insight.

/DRIVE works on a quarterly routine. Between January and March plus July and September of every year, two shows atmosphere weekly: Live and Let Drive and TUNED. Between April and Summer, October to December, three programs air every week: DRIVEN, Big strength, and RideApart. Operating weekly of the year are Chris Harris on Cars, SHAKEDOWN, and AFTER/DRIVE.

/DRIVE programs (in alphabetical purchase)[edit]

The shows on /DRIVE are entirely original, with the exclusions of Shakedown and Road Testament, which were moved from Quick Lane day-to-day.


AFTER/DRIVE airs every Thursday. Previously called "path Testament", AFTER/DRIVE is an in-studio conversation hosted by Mike Spinelli pressing on automotive news, the course the automotive business is going, as well as other various other automotive-themed subjects, along with interviews with key players on the market (or opinionated enthusiasts). The conversations often revolve around a question or subject posed because of the crew prior to filming. Sporadically topics and comments are sourced from Twitter, or perhaps the web site Jalopnik.


IDEAL OF /DRIVE could be the collection of video clips including promos, trailers, milestones achieved & unique functions.


/BIG MUSCLE with Mike Musto, launched their 4th period in February 2014 and has since amassed a big, devoted following of followers. Mike tries to find vehicles with story, history, and interesting owners. The owners of the vehicles are generally specific hobbyists, instead of expert stores or mechanics.

Mountain Of The Cannibal God-music video (uncut version)
Mountain Of The Cannibal God-music video (uncut version)
Bicycle Race (uncut)
Bicycle Race (uncut)
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