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Cheap light BMX Bikes

Image titled Make a Bmx Bike Lighter action 1 Analyze your bike. Do you really need dozens of components? Some cheap bicycles come with unnecessary components that may be eliminated. And even though these components could consider close to nothing, altogether all of them mount up. Make sure you understand what different components are and what they do when examining the bike––never pull everything vital.
  • Some unneeded parts consist of: Chain protections, reflectors, lights, detanglers, brakes and possible stunt pegs.
  • If you're going to pull brake system, only remove one (most likely the forward braking system). It's not advised that you remove brakes at all.

Determine what each section of your cycle weighs in at. Look at the specifications, do a little research and determine which parts of your bike weigh weightier than normal.

Determine which parts in your cycle will save you probably the most body weight. This can enable you to learn how to make your BMX bicycle lighter for less expensive. Be sure you read reviews from the components you get before you buy them! Remember body weight actually everything.

Component 2

Altering for less heavy components
  1. Buy replacement parts. A number of the components may be replaced. The focus should be on replacing the weightier components with quality light parts that are strong, durable but weigh less. Begin with cheap such things as chairs, pedals, pegs, etc. Once you've altered those over for lighter versions, you are able to move on to move high priced people, particularly tires and tires.
  2. Check Craigslist. Before buying any parts over 50 bucks, check your local Craigslist listings, since this can help you save a pile of cash.
    • Shop around online and in bike stores for the lightest of each and every specific component to change the old one.
  3. Find out what particular seat you've got. If you bought your bike stock, which means that every one of the components come from the original bicycle, then then you have a railed chair. Purchasing a pivotal chair is pretty cheap and easy to put up. Also improving the body weight, this sort of seat will also allow you to select different colors.
  4. Buy bars next. Many stock bars are a great deal heavier than top end bars.
  5. Change the bike's rims. Your overall rims most likely have numerous even more spokes (metal rods) than needed. Even though you could remove them, know that to do so is very unsafe. A safer and better option is buying new ones being lighter. New ones will freshen up your performance as well as your cycle's lifespan.
  6. Change the bike's pipes. Default pipes are usually very dense and lined with additional steel. A thinner tube has actually less metal, therefore less body weight.

Part 3

Other possible measures
  1. Drill holes in the bicycle's parts. This is the extreme of extremes but some riders do so to good result. Producing holes takes out chunks of material from your cycle, removing chunks of body weight with-it. Be mindful for which you drill though, as you still wish to be able to utilize the bicycle if you are completed with this whole process.
  2. Saw components off. In case the handle bars tend to be low and you find there is 8 ins (20.3 cm) of steel sitting as part of your frame, saw it right down to 2 or 3 ins (5.1 or 7.6 cm). When your chair seems to have the same issue, saw that down also. Any parts of your bike that stick out from remaining framework, saw them down. What this means is if for example the bars are way too large, take away the grips and saw all of them down. Indeed, keeping the hold down could save body weight by itself.
  3. Build yourself up. By doing a 5-minute workout every single day, this may help you gain more power so that you won't need an exceptionally light bicycle. Durability is much more essential than body weight. Make sure to research thoroughly and delighted cycling!


  • Weigh your bicycle before and after to exhibit yourself just how hard you've worked.
  • Never take an opportunity whenever drilling, if a part seems like this has to support body weight, it most likely does.
  • Pegs can think about to 3 pounds each. In the event your bicycle included all 4, removing all of them can save most weight.
  • Communicate with the people at your local bicycle shop for advice.


  • Be mindful to not ever spend excess amount regarding the bike. The cheaper the cycle, the less beneficial it really is to add expensive parts to it.
  • Often be cautious whenever drilling. Bicycles are not always level so make sure you tend to be taking the appropriate security precautions.
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