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Custom BMX Bike Maker

Custom Bicycle Build

We are one of the few businesses in Scotland which specialise in building customized and semi-custom hill and BMX bicycles to suit your biking passions if they be cycling over Scottish hill passes, fast downhill rides, cross country track driving or BMX stunt or jump cycling.

Our aim is create your perfect cycle, that is special, is efficient and a delight to ride. We can supply the highest quality components from a range of resources and tend to be happy to mix and match brands to offer the best option mix of components to generally meet your particular needs. We could paint and complete your bicycle with graphic artwork, to make sure you can not only have a responsive purpose built cycle, it will look fantastic aswell. Experience the pride and excitement in operating your customised bicycles.

Custom Bike Build

A speciality is custom building of Mountain or BMX bikes from frame-up. Each bicycle is exclusive and built on the frame that you choose and built to your specific requirement, including if desired improved by airbrushing.

Let us create your dream bicycle or we can personalise your overall bike.

The reason why have A Custom Built Bike?

It enables you to stick out from the crowd with a distinctive cycle built specifically to fit you and built with the best components chosen especially for the purpose that you will definitely make use of the bike.

Let us Create Your Fantasy Bike!

You might, like the majority of cyclists, get a factory produced bicycle or you could be different and very own a thoughtfully designed unique customised hand-built cycle and be the jealousy of cycling pals and colleagues.

We'll design and build a bike using the best quality elements to fit your style of cycling.

Alternatively, if you would like to update your current bicycle with either a customised paint job or a full rebuild through the frame up we are able to do that obtainable.

The framework will be coated to your color option with high performance quality paints and with the option of artwork design integrated if desired, in addition elements eg tires, stems, brake levers, handlebars, etc could be colour coordinated or co-ordinated to personalise the finished bike.

We shall discuss your needs and preferences for your recommended customised cycle. If project is for a customised cycle we'll advise from the the most suitable frame and elements for build. If for an update on a bike you currently own we're going to advise regarding suitability of the individual present components for the task and for those perhaps not ideal will suggest and offer high quality replacement appropriate components.

Our company is the "Pimp My Ride" of custom built MTB and BMX for biking lovers.

Our customisation specialist is Stuart who has got 16 years experience in the bicycle business.

He has got already been an enthusiastic hill cycle cyclist since their very early teenagers, whenever also at a young age he was displaying his mechanical aptitude by continuously tinkering with the mechanics of his bikes to enhance their particular overall performance.

Inside the professional profession as a period auto mechanic Stuart is promoting a comprehensive understanding from the number of bike elements readily available for today's cyclists as well as in recent years has actually obtained a reputation as a highly skilled cycle auto mechanic with a capability to diagnose and rectify most cycle issues, including those who take place in modern large requirements rounds.

Along with their knowledge and ability as a cycle mechanic Stuart features within the last several years developed his skills on airbrush graphic artwork on bikes, that could change a standard manufactured model into a unique customised bicycle for cyclist who would like to have a cycle that is different and personalised.

We offer three quantities of customisation:–

1. Develop from the frame up – We can start with your chosen frame(or help you select one) and spec it out to meet your needs with chosen excellent elements to provide you with a high performance cycle to fit your specific design of driving.

2. Upgrade your current bicycle – when you have a bicycle you desire to upgrade, we could accomplish that by altering selected elements to improve the bicycle's performance, and match your specific expectations on ride quality

3. Personalise your present bike – If you are happy with your overall cycle but want to provide a facelift, we are able to use airbrush arfwork from the framework alongside parts of your cycle to personalise and then make it certainly special to look at.

See our gallery below for types of bikes we've customised. These are just a few of the tasks we now have completed. So please contact us when you have a particular project in mind, since the choices for customisation both on build and artwork tend to be practically limitless.

Skyway Streetstyler

Complete build for this classic old-school BMX bike with real parts and customised artwork on the framework, crank and stem.

GTA 5 Live Gameplay: Customising Motorbikes
GTA 5 Live Gameplay: Customising Motorbikes
BSD Passenger // CUSTOM BMX - Bike Check
BSD Passenger // CUSTOM BMX - Bike Check
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