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Mountain bike trekking

Whether it’s your first periods or you’re a seasoned veteran to the trails, Southwest Trekking knows the proper path available. The diverse basin and range geography associated with Southwest area provides a wide variety of landscapes choices featuring rugged, hilly, dual and single-track trips. If you're finding searing climbs accompanied by perilous descents or rides through gently moving grasslands on soil roads we can find the right ride obtainable.

In which can we get? Really, first of all you have the Arizona Trail (AZ Trail for brief). Working from Mexico to Utah, this unique trail provides several of the most diverse riding circumstances and surroundings found in the state. Sections of the AZ Trail running right through the Rincon Mountains provides among the better intermediate cross-country riding, while parts within the Santa Catalina Mountains provides probably the most spectacular downhill descents or suffered climbing in the region. That is one for starters.

Another amazing hill biking location could be the Reddington pass location, which will supply a rider with kilometers of flowing single-track, backcountry views of grasslands and double-track inside Rincon Mountain range. After which you have the variety of tracks inside Tucson hill Park. These trips let us concentrate on either technical x-country single track into the Sonoran wilderness, or perhaps geared towards enjoyable moving trails for newbies. Nevertheless looking even more? Well often there is the Santa Catalina Mountains, residence to Mt. Lemmon, which allows quick access to miles and kilometers of amazing tracks winding through woodlands and grasslands. You can find sufficient trails round the Tucson location to literally fill forever of riding.

Southwest Trekking has actually provided a large number of guided biking trips around the Tucson location. When it comes to mountain cycling in Tucson, Southern Arizona and Mexico, we understand the very best trails open to save time. When participating in a guided hill bike travel with Southwest Trekking, we help customers finding the proper path, the one that will likely be challenging and fun but not over their mind and dangerous. We drive to you, offering advice and tid bits of hill biking knowledge to assist you discover and turn into a far better biker. We understand in which we have been going and supply the transport, which means you won't have to carry a map and hold taking a look at it, and also you wont find yourself lost. We'll even change your flat tires! A huge advantage into the wilderness.

Day or night, Southwest Trekking has got the knowledge, guides, and equipment to truly get you out of the town and onto the 'ol dirt and dirty trails!

Sufficient talk, it's time for you to begin pedaling. Come join united states for a custom guided adventure!

Browse several of our videos. As they say, an image is worth a thousand terms . . .

This video clip tv show cases the amazing path system based in the Tucson Mountain Park, located on the west part of town. The trails right here offer some amazing single-track mountain cycling trough amazing chapters of the Sonoran desert. Riding among huge saguaro cactus really stands and dynamic volcanic mountains will leave you speechless, or about breathless.

It is impossible in order to prevent hot into the desert during summertime. Really, there is one way, go out as soon as the suns down. This video clip is shot inside Tucson Mountain Park, but we can simply take our bikes and awesome HID NiteRider burning systems to a variety of other trails in your community. There is something special about driving through the night, and now we sooo want to show you what it really is exactly about.

- a part of the AZ path showing one of the much better decents. Great modest single track.
- constantly entertaining to see a friend take a spill. This small accident occured from the upper element of the Bug Springs path.
- parts of the Tucson Mountain Park tracks and of the AZ trail near Collassal Cave.
- A little preview of what you could anticipate on a led travel tour. This will be aside at Pistol Hill on the AZ path.
- Good for another laugh. This time around the owner of Southwest Trekking takes a digger.
- Another trip along the AZ Trail near Oracle. As you can see, some sweet single track trough the desert.
- More video clips of biking and hiking with Southwest Trekking.
- Some cool photos of that which we do here in the southwest.
Person $150.00
2 to 10 $125.00 per individual
11 and over
Mel fazendo trilha mountain bike e trekking! Caeté MG
Mel fazendo trilha... mountain bike e trekking! Caeté MG
Mountain Bike Trekking
Mountain Bike Trekking
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