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Building a downhill bike

I'd formerly sold my hill bicycle and I truly missed it and so I made a decision to put together a brand new cycle utilizing parts I'd in my own garage. We built a frame around a decade ago whenever URT's (unified back triangle) had been notably well-known therefore in fact rode pretty well therefore I thought I would utilize a tension link (pull pole) design for an enjoyable solitary rate. It might probably look flexy but it's actually pretty rigid in torsion- the boom tube is made of .049 wall surface 4130 together with pivot is pretty beefy also. The pivot sits right throughout the BB so that the suspension is often working, even when you stand, unlike the old URT styles. The steel frame here is most likely close to seven pounds and it could be built a reasonable little bit less heavy.

This design are made out of Aluminum for a much better weight cost savings and it can be built to have around six inches of travel with a lengthier stroke surprise.

The design shows a four inch vacation version- note the difference in back triangle construction. Each square regarding the attracting equals one inch for scale.

This design has its own benefits:
*ease of construction/fixturing and minimal welds
*up and rearward axle road
*ability to construct small frame size- quickly down to 14" effective chair pipe length
*low center of gravity/good size centralization
*low standover height
*zero chain growth- cycle pedals and climbs well
*direct load routes- may be constructed to-be very light weight and possess excellent torsional stiffness
*all loads tend to be given into the finishes of frame members
*can be designed with very quick chainstays
*can be constructed with 26" wheels or as a 29er/650B, geared bike or single rate
*simple/clean cable routing
*excellent tire clearance
*can be constructed with cantilever or disc brakes
*suspension is active regardless if you are sitting or standing
*linkage is very easily altered to vary compression bend
*pull pole (tension link) is packed in tension so that it can be extremely light-weight
*frame people could be made out of a multitude of materials (4130 metal, carbon fibre, Titanium or Aluminum)
*frame size does not greatly affect suspension linkage geometry

Specs when it comes to prototype tend to be:
4" front vacation
3.5" rear travel
15.75" chainstays
12.75" BB level
69 head perspective
73 seat direction
23" top tube

This design is 100per cent open resource and non patentable- it is no-cost for everybody to utilize nonetheless they desire. Make changes, put it into mass production or just develop several bicycles on your own and a buddy!

Mountain bike trail building
Mountain bike trail building
Downhill Trail Building | Somerset
Downhill Trail Building | Somerset
GstoeBikes2011 selfmade downhill bike
GstoeBikes2011 selfmade downhill bike
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