Downhill Bike Accessories

Downhill bike Accessories

Mountain BikingIf the picture of cyclists bombing down tracks features you dreaming to getting off road, here’s make it possible to enable you to get rolling…

Picking a bicycle

There are endless options in terms of bicycles – riders are always tweaking their bicycles to accommodate their specific preferences and needs. Keep in mind that the essential thing would be to just get a bike and ride. As long as you're having a good time, you’ll learn what you need through experience.


Light bikes, with either hardtail (rigid-frame and forward bumps) or double suspension, created for rate and high-performance. They are suited for rushing off-road, speeding through singletrack, and / or addressing lengthy distances off road.


A mix of cross-country lightweight performance and freeride power, these midweight bikes are generally hardtail or dual suspension system for smooth rides over durable cross-country terrain. Ideally fitted to long-distance trips in tough cross-country terrain.


Heavier and sturdier than all-mountain, freeride bicycles are either hardtail or twin suspension as they are made to cover length and make the misuse of falls and stunts in the trails. These are generally good for cyclists who need lots of suspension system for going downhill but nonetheless need a bike they can pedal uphill.


The heaviest and sturdiest of mountain bikes, downhill bikes are dual-suspension machines designed to endure the discipline of fast downhill tracks and all the hurdles in the way. Utilized for downhill rushing or a day within mountain cycle park – these bikes aren't uphill friendly.

Bike-Buying Guidelines

  • Set your budget. Based which kind of bicycle you would like, this may see whether or perhaps not you get new or made use of. Pre-owned bicycles cost a lower amount however you can inform the essential difference between a bike that is in good shape and a bike that is hammered.
  • Test trip a lot of bicycles.
  • Study hill biking ratings (online plus publications).
  • Keep in touch with many different kinds of riders in local bike stores and get concerns.


Whether you choose to go for standard mountain-bike-style helmet with countless ports, a multi-sport helmet, or a full-face jaw-protecting motorcycle-style helmet, for apparent safety reasons your helmet MUST fit correctly. Review our article on Cycling Helmets to discover how-to fit ’em.

Pump and Tool System

There’s a high probability that you will get a-flat plus it won’t be close to the trailhead. A little mini-pump is okay for hill cycle tires. Your tool kit will include a patch kit, tire levers, a multi-tool, and at minimum one extra tube. A chain device can also be good to have. You should also learn how to do standard fixes.

Water and Food

To carry these needs, a hydration pack with enough space for treats and on occasion even your lunch plus some tools is an excellent option. You can use water bottles (you’ll require a water bottle cage) and carry food within jersey or an under-seat pack.


Full-fingered or fingerless gloves with good padding will keep the hands from going numb and having blisters, slices, and scrapes. They are in addition best for nostrils cleaning!

First Aid / Safety Gear

Constantly carry at the very least the basic principles for the treatment of scrapes and cuts. If you intend on going into the backcountry, consider using a Wilderness medical program.

When you have a cellular phone or any other product that can phone assist in problems, it’s a good thing to create along. Consider, however, that the mobile phone might not exercise on trails.


You can get arm and knee pads to guard your arms, arms, knees, and legs in the event of wipeout. If you should be intending to go freeriding or downhilling, full-body armour is available.

Shoes and Pedals

You can easily elect to ride cut in or with flat pedals. Flat pedals allow you to get away from your pedals in an accident. Clipless pedals give you more pedaling power during uphill climbs which help you keep your own feet regarding pedals. To find out more, read Clipless bicycle Pedals.

Mountain Biking Clothes

Clothing made specifically for mountain cycling are made to endure punishment and wipeouts – these are generally made out of abrasion-resistant fabric and have an even more relaxed fit to support armour. You will get mountain cycling jerseys, pants, short pants, dresses, and jackets.


In the event that you consider letting your hill bicycle out of your picture, particularly when you’re riding into the city, you’ll need a lock. If you’ve spent a lot of cash into the cycle, get reduced u-lock and straight back it up with an insurance plan.

Contemplate using a mix of cable and u-lock – it’s pretty easy for thieves to pull off an unlocked wheel and wheels are costly to replace. Review our article for tips about securing Your Bike.

Eye Cover

Shatter-proof cups are excellent for maintaining traveling dirt and overhanging foliage out of your eyes.

Getting Out

If you are a new comer to mountain cycling, go to your local shop and look for regional guidebooks and maps. Speak with the employees – many are pretty experienced riders and you will be happy offer you info. They may in addition understand local mountain biking teams.

Some first-timer guidelines:

  • Have a look at maps and become acquainted with the location before you decide to drive it.
  • Allow people know in which you're going as soon as you expect to go back. When possible, bring a cellphone to contact individuals. Not absolutely all areas has cellular coverage.
  • Don't drive alone.
  • When you are on a trail which also tough, swallow down your pride, get off your bicycle, sling it over your neck, and walk.

Trail Etiquette

Respect other individuals from the trails

  • If you drive multi-use tracks, when you see some body, such as a hiker, delay and state hello.
  • Provide various other cyclists space to ride and yield to those operating uphill.
  • Do not go so fast or so slow which you disrupt other people (hikers and riders).
  • When you stop, get-off the trail, for your own security which of other people.
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