Downhill Bikes Salou, Enjoy

Downhill Bikes Salou

just what days do Downhill bicycles operate?
Monday - Saturday from April to October
Morning Task from 08.30am
Afternoon activity from 1.45pm - 6.30pm

I'ven’t ridden a cycle in many years - how difficult is the landscapes?
Many people are allocated a cycle especially to meet up with your preferences. Most of the paths are on Tarmac roads. Currently you with the full security briefing and training run before starting the downhill glide!

Will there be an age restriction?
No age limit, it's one thing anyone can do.
Our oldest client to date, was over 90.

Think about Children’s ages
For younger children between your ages of just one - 3 years old (maximum. of 20 kilos/3 rocks) we son or daughter seats which affix to an adults cycle. These kiddies go FREE.
Young ones from 7 - 12 yrs . old can ride their very own bicycle individually.
For kids, who can lay on their cycle, between your ages of 5 - 8, but require assistance with steering and braking we are able to offer a Trail-a-bike which will be attached to a grown-up bicycle. Kiddies more than 8 are not appropriate to drive on a trailer bike.
Children travelling within the seat accessory need to be able to sit-up and support on their own unaided.

What time does it start
We work morning pick-ups from 08.30am or mid-day pick-ups from approx. 1.45pm.

From Mid-march we are available to do tours
Mon - Wed a.m. only.
From 1st April, Mon - Sat a.m. just.
From Mid May, Mon - sat a.m. & p.m.

what's contained in the trip
Transport to and from your own resort - English speaking guide with extensive local understanding - Fully maintained mountain bicycle - Helmet -high visibility protection vest- help vehicles leading and after through the entire travel - Children’s seating or cycle attachment if required.
Unlimited fresh-water included in the cost for the half day adventure.
Limitless fresh water, 4 course meal, wine, larger, carbonated drinks and entrance to olive oil co-operative with tastings, come into the complete Day event.

Imagine if we don’t would you like to finish the full ride?
No problem - simply pull-over sideways for the roadway and another for the assistance cars will gather both you and take the rest of the way.

How about food and refreshment?
Unlimited fresh water are offered for FREE during all our trips. Our assistance cars are also stocked with locally created treats for you to purchase, if required.
The total DAY occasion is AN ALL-INCLUSIVE day therefore all refreshment types while the coconut oil tasting is roofed as well as the amazing 4 course freshly prepared meal with neighborhood wines and larger, when we reach the Restaurant for lunch.
Just what do i have to bring?
Sun shout, sunglasses a fun filled attitude and practical footwear! High heels or flips flops are NOT allowed.
Through the cooler months of might and October you may possibly need to deliver a lightweight fleece as temperatures in the mountains could be a little cooler than on shore.
Just how much does it price?
Half Day excursion - Morning or Afternoon
Adults and kids over 12 yrs old = 38€
Kiddies 4 - 12 years = 29€
Kids to 3 ( or up to 22Kgs. / 3.5 rocks ) can drive in a young child seat attached with a grown-up cycle free-of-charge.
Full day, All Inclusive event
Adults and kids over 12 years old = 61€
Kiddies 10- 12 years = 50€

Downhill Bikes Salou Stage Two
Downhill Bikes Salou Stage Two
Downhill Bikes Salou (extended)
Downhill Bikes Salou (extended)
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