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Road Bicycle Handlebars

Handlebars. All bikes whether mountain bikes, road bicycles or singlespeed fixed-gear bikes use a trusty handlebar. There are plenty types out there. Each has its own unique pros and cons that can make or break your biking experience. Handlebars considerably shape the overall control, security and reliability of the cycle, therefore picking the right kind for your cycling style is really important.

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We have created a simple clear handlebar help guide to demonstrate the primary differences when considering each form of handlebar. After reading this no-nonsense guide, you can easily probably mention "handlebar guru" in your resume. I also took a lot of time animating that gif above so this guide truly feels as though the most effective most satisfactory guide available. Therefore let's get right to it. We provide you with the best guide to bicycle handlebars.

Handlebar Ratings
As most seasoned riders understand, most this goes down to private inclination, but is really important to comprehend the natural tendencies of every sort of handlebar.

Comfort is defined by just how it keeps both hands and body comfortable.

Versatility is defined because of the several types of biking styles you need to use with it.

Leverage is defined by simply how much energy you can transfer into pedals.

Aerodynamics is defined by exactly how it permits one to reduce wind drag.

Control is defined how much lift and switching capacity it provides you.


Flat handlebars will be the standard variety of taverns for many bicycles. They have been characterized with becoming entirely flat although more often than not, there clearly was a really small bend towards the rider. They've been preferred among cross-country cyclists due to their usefulness. It is possible to essentially "put some stuff to them" as it's just a straight bar. This simplicity in addition makes steering predictable and exact.


Versatile and easy - You can easily attach lights, braking system levers, phone holders and other additional cycling gear. It is also simpler to fit to produce extra hand opportunities and procedures.

Better for climbing - Another reason level bars are popular among cross-country riders can it be makes leaning ahead simpler. Going the body towards the cycle club during a climb gets better influence and moving your body weight on front improves the tire grip traveling.

Better for tight areas - level taverns are usually narrow. This makes getting all of them through doorways and corridors easier.

Lighter and cheaper - If you like holding your bike around, every ounce of additional weight counts. A flat club's quick shape enables it to be stronger with less product. This similarly causes it to be cheaper to make and get.

Less lower back load - If you have continuous straight back issues, getting your fat distributed evenly amongst the bike seat therefore the handlebar sets less pressure on the back. In addition make sure your bike is properly adjusted. Consider our article in the to make sure your cycle is precisely balanced.

There are couple of various other features of having level handlebars, listed here is an interesting about the nuances of using a set bar for riding.

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Maybe not optimal for high-risk programs - Flat taverns aren't well suited for doing tricks and "free riding" on a cycle. Riding over hard terrain and leaping over hurdles need a more upright place to provide the driver even more leverage for pulling the leading tire.

Negative for speed - it's very hard to enter a tuck position while using the level handlebars.


Riser taverns tend to be essentially flat taverns that rise from the center clamp area. Risers are also usually larger than level taverns. These kinds of handlebars can be utilized in path cycling since it enables the rider to be more upright. Clint Gibbs made an informative from the benefit of a riser taverns over flat bars for path cycling.


Even more control - a wider handlebar provides even more control. This make turning simpler and need less power. In the event that you undergo very long winding roadways with plenty of dirt, it's a wise decision to make use of large riser taverns.

Better for arms - aside from the back sweep that provides an even more comfortable grip, riser taverns let the driver to stay further back allowing less body weight to be distributed on front. For people who have wrist problems, this will help alleviate stress.

Better for path and no-cost cycling - The wider handle bar hold and weight circulation to the back allows the rider more control which makes it better for riskier courses and harsh landscapes.

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