Dallas Off Road Bicycle

Dallas off Road Bicycle Association

Assistant Trail Stewards
Wayne Zabcik and David Connell

Nearest City

Closest Medical Center
Baylor Garland Medical Center– 2300 Maries Curie Blvd, Garland TX 75042 Mobile 972.487.5000 Positioned about 2.6 kilometers west of RCP trail head at intersection of Shiloh Rd and Walnut St

Trail Head Location
2525 Castle Rd, Garland TX 75040 - this might be off of Centerville Rd [east side], 0.5 mile north of SH66 and 0.5 mile south of Firewheel Pkwy

Originating from LBJ Fwy [I-635] exit at Centerville Rd and continue NE and N about 4 miles. RCP path mind will undoubtedly be approximately 0.5 kilometers north of SH66 [aka Lakeview Pkwy] change directly into parking lot at Castle Rd. Originating from President George Bush Turnpike [aka SH190 toll roadway] exit at Firewheel Parkway, turn south onto Firewheel Pkwy and go SSE about 2.5 miles, at Centerville Rd turn south [right] the trail head and parking lot will likely be approximately 0.5 miles on the left. There is a kiosk/bulletin board within trailhead.

Trail Kind
Single Track – Stacked Loop System

16.3 kilometers

Land Management
City of Garland Parks And Recreation Department [aka PARD]

6AM – 12 Midnight

Rowlett Creek protect path is located in the city of Garland’s public multi-use playground at the intersection of Castle and Centerville Roads. The path is currently over 16 kilometers very long and because it is built on a staked cycle system a trail individual can decide different loop combinations to acquire distances that range from 1 to 16 miles. The trail is comprised of 14 connected loops; those numbered 1, and 7 through 14 are north of this parking lot and those numbered 2 through 6 are on the south side. These loops are numbered in the way where these were built so for many very first time riders, the design may not be seemingly intuitive therefore it’s a good idea to either take somebody that knows the trail system or deliver along a copy regarding the trail map. The way of vacation for many loops is CLOCKWISE. Approximately half associated with path mileage is within the woods with areas being tight and twisty. The rest is going in available with a few fast, straight field areas. The majority of the trail is flat with just a few fairly short climbs. There are a number of aspects of the trail that can come near to an advantage mainly along one of the three creeks that pass through the RCP greenbelt. Overall as Loop ID number increases therefore does the ability required to negotiate it. The trail maps tend to be marked in ski location fashion with green, blue and black ability amounts [i.e. simpler, harder, & most hard correspondingly]. It is a multi-use path so be sure to be considerate of all other path users.

• Gazebo and 2 Picnic areas with 1 Charcoal Grill
• 1 Potable liquid Faucet Bib (at east-end of parking area)
• Paved parking area with 130 rooms

- DERO Fixit Bike stay (at west end of parking lot)
• Covered Porta-potty
• Gas/Food within 0.5 mile

Path Maps
The RCP path maps [GPS track overlaid on aerial picture and NTS sketch] are available during the next website link:

Trail History
The Rowlett Creek protect trail was made as a result of Earl Hammond [RCP’s first TS] acquiring permission for their proposition to construct a mountain cycle trail system as high as five [5] miles long from the city of Garland’s Parks And Recreation division in 1994. 1st 1.5 miles of path [loop 1] had been opened in Summer of 1995 on nationwide Trail Day. Within significantly less than two years Loops 1 through 7, an overall total of 10 miles, were constructed. Since that time This has increased to over 16 miles for Loops 1 through 14, with extra loops in the offing for the future. In 1912 theEast Tx Traction Company started a rail line to perform between Garland and Greenville. In 1917 the task was stopped additionally the rails and equipment salvaged. The train line would be to go through the middle regarding the RCP greenbelt area in those days and proof of this old building task can certainly still be seenon Loops 7 [the ridge in volcano fall location] and 1A [wooden pilings just before the whoop-te-do].

Trail Information
The sewer range break was briefly repaired therefore the element of trail below [south of] the railroad songs and the brand new DART Light Rail Blue Line Extension 2700' Bridge [i.e. element of Loop5 and all of Loop6] is currently officially OPEN once again. Please note that at some future time even more repair work is needed plus the CLOSING reintroduced. More information are obtainable on the following website link:

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