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This listing provides an overview various forms of bicycles, classified by function (rushing, fun, etc.); range bikers (one, two, or higher); by construction or framework kind (upright, folding, etc.); by gearing (solitary speed, derailleur gears, etc.); by sport (hill cycling, BMX, triathlon, etc.); by way of propulsion (human-powered, motor-assisted, etc.); and also by driver place (upright, recumbent, etc.) Record also includes miscellaneous types such pedicabs, rickshaws, and clown bikes. The groups are not mutually exclusive; as such, a bike type may appear in more than one category.

By function[edit]

The primary categories of bikes in relation to their meant usage are:

  • were created for taking a trip at speed on paved roads.
  • are made for bicycle touring and long journeys. These are typically durable and comfortable, with the capacity of moving baggage, and have a wide gear range.
  • or were created for randonnées or brevet rides, and fall in between racing bikes and the ones intended for touring regarding frame geometry and weight.
  • tend to be a compromise amongst the hill and rushing design bicycles which changed European-style energy bicycles in North America in the early 1990s. Obtained a light frame, moderate measure tires, and derailleur gearing, and have straight or curved-back, touring handlebars to get more upright biking.
  • Trekking bike - a hybrid with all the accessories essential for bike touring - mudguards, pannier rack, lights an such like.
  • Commuter - designed designed for commuting over quick or lengthy distances. It usually features derailleur gearing, 700c wheels with relatively light 1.125-inch (28 mm) tires, a provider rack, complete fenders, and a frame with appropriate mounting points for attachment of varied load-carrying baskets or panniers. It sometimes, though not at all times, has actually an enclosed chainguard allowing a rider to pedal the bike in long jeans without entangling them in the string. A well-equipped commuter bicycle usually features front and back lights to be used in the early morning or belated evening hours experienced at the start or end of a small business day
  • By quantity of riders[edit]

    Two people operating a Sociable
  • Most bikes are designed for a single rider
  • Bikes with child chairs or single-child trailers can hold a grownup and a young child
  • Bikes with two fold son or daughter trailers can carry an adult as well as 2 young ones
  • a has two cyclists alongside.
  • A or twin features several bikers behind each other.
  • A triplet has three bikers; a quadruplet has four.
  • Some bikes carry more bikers: for instance, the meeting bicycle holds seven, the Busycle carries fifteen, and party bicycles can hold around 17 individuals.
  • The greatest multi-bike had 40 riders.
  • Generally in most among these types the riders drive one behind the other (named ). Exceptions are "The Companion", or "Sociable, " a side-by-side two-person bicycle (that changed into a single-rider) built because of the Punnett pattern Mfg. Co. in Rochester, N.Y. inside 1890s. In the meeting Bike, cyclists sit in a circle facing one another. Regarding the Busycle, the captain faces forwards, one row of stokers deals with left, and another line deals with correct.

    By quantity of wheels[edit]

  • have no tires, but they utilize bicycle cranks, and pedals. Some use bicycle stores and sprockets.
  • only have one wheel, in addition they use bike tires, tires, cranks, and pedals. Some use bicycle stores and sprockets.
  • have actually three wheels.
  • have three rims and are enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from climate and collisions.
  • (also called pedicabs or trishaws) have actually three tires and are always transport passengers for hire.
  • By means of propulsion[edit]

  • A pedal cycle, commonly known as a bike is driven by legs and legs on pedals.
  • A hand-cranked bike or handcycle is driven by arms and arms.
  • A is driven by a rowing action utilizing both arms and legs.
  • A is driven by a reciprocating, not rotary, motion associated with legs.
  • A bucking bicycle (with more than one eccentric tires)
  • A (some sort of velocipede) and a Footbike usage Flintstone energy, as the rider pushes on their own along with one or both foot on the ground.
  • A or a is driven ahead by pressing a wheel approximately perpendicular to your path of vacation.
  • a has actually paddles and tires to facilitate procedure on both land and water.
  • An is primarily propelled because of the driver; even though this is assisted by the use of a power motor, frequently located in the hub associated with the front or back wheel. The electric motor is powered by a battery that will be guaranteed towards frame. These are obtainable in different technologies including lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel material hydride, lithium ion and lithium polymer. A number of these are not classified as an automobile, but as a bicycle should they adhere to UNITED KINGDOM and European regulations.
  • A propels the rider with a motor, however it often includes bike pedals for real human propulsion.
  • By gearing[edit]

    Nearly all bicycles transmit energy from crankset towards the drive wheel with a bike sequence

    Shimano XT backside derailleur on a hill bike
  • but one equipment, and can include all BMX bicycles, numerous children's bicycles, city messenger bikes, and others. The fixed equipment does not have any freewheel device, therefore anytime the bike is within motion the pedals continue steadily to spin. The pedals can, or sometimes must, be employed to delay.
  • is common in European energy bikes, frequently ranging from three-speeds to eight speeds, however hub gears with fourteen speeds can also be found.
  • have actually two sprockets in the rear wheel. By back-pedalling, the additional, usually reduced, equipment is engaged.
  • By style[edit]

    Some bikes are defined by their appearance.

  • are designed so that the framework is apparently made of junk or discovered objects: Bongo the Clown built several ridable parade bikes which were just as much kinetic sculptures as transportation.
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    How to draw a BMX Bike
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