Kink BMX Bikes for sale

Simply take an in-depth look at the Kink Mudrunner Frame Build that Chad trusts to have gnarly in!

CLICK THE LINK for the full bike rundown of Connors current Solace II setup!

Groups: Bicycle Check, Connor Lodes

Calvin has returned stateside after a stint in the homeland of Australia. He come up with a brand new bike, built up practically completely of Kink goods! Ebony ED Muddrunner 21’’ Yukon Rear Wheel Boulevard Front Wheel Street Pegs Lyra … read on →

Dan keeps it casual by his standards with this brand new Vital vid… Dan Coller: Riding + Bicycle Check – Even More BMX Videos

Kent Pearson is always pumping power in to the Georgia scene, and sent through some shots along with his brand new Raw SXTN build!

Calvin provides you with the total rundown on his new Mudrunner Frame build, and strikes the roads for a few clips for Crucial! Calvin Kosovich: Operating + Bike Check – Even More BMX Videos

RIDE BMX uploaded a full Sexton bicycle Check! CLICK THE LINK or the image below for every detail on Sean’s private ride…

Amsterdam based photographer Syo Van Vliet recently shot this phenomenal image of our Netherlands connect, Desmond Tessemaker’s brand-new Kink build…

Connor runs through his Solace Frame based setup and puts straight down some solid moves in San Diego… Connor Lodes: Driving + Bike Check – More BMX Video

Dan Coller’s Kink setups will always decked away along with his components sponsor Eclat besides. CLICK THE LINK to look at some detailed photographs for the SXTN setup Dan had been running all summer time. The framework and chair pictured is going to be available … Continue reading →

Groups: Bicycle Always Check, Dan Coller
KINK BMX - One Hit Ft. Ben Basford
KINK BMX - One Hit Ft. Ben Basford
Kink BMX The Best of the Kink House 2011 NEW
Kink BMX The Best of the Kink House 2011!!!! NEW!!!!
2012 kink curb for sale Must see
2012 kink curb for sale!!! Must see!!!
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