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This short article talk about cutting and sizing of bicycle forks.


The steering column on brand-new forks usually come more than needed. The column will be cut for the dimensions in accordance the particular bike it's become set up in. There's two standard means of determining steering column size. The fastest method should take appropriate measurements and figure out the exact distance mathematically. An alternative choice is setting up the fork without cutting it and measuring extent required to reduce. The hand will be removed, cut, and reinstalled. In either case, usage attention as cutting a steering line too-short can be a costly mistake.

Threadless Forks

Threadless kind forks do not have threads externally of steering line. Headset bearing modification is performed by stress from an adjusting limit over the hand. The sizing process using dimensions is explained first.

Start with calculating the space for head tube and write this quantity down. Cannot consist of any pressed cups or events.

Next, determine the bunch height of the headset to be used. Stack level is basically the total amount of steering line size the headset will inhabit. A brand new headset in package will commonly possess bunch level noted on the box. The bunch height noted on brand-new headsets will not feature any extra washers plus the stem level. YOU HAVE TO combine STEM HEIGHT AND ANY EXCESS WASHER TO STACK HEIGHT BEFORE CUTTING.

It will always be a smart idea to double-check the bunch level listed by real dimensions. Assemble the low an element of the headset with bearings in place. Measure from the fork crown competition to where the reduced pushed battle would go into the mind pipe.

Next, assess the upper pile from where in fact the top pressed race would go into the head pipe toward the top of adjusting race. Include any spacers and add the level of this stem.

Include these numbers together. You must today subtract slightly to allow a gap involving the the top of stem while the the top of steering column. Usually, 3mm is sufficient. See picture below for adequately sized steering line.

Threadless forks with carbon dietary fiber steering articles have actually unique concerns. There's a limit into the level of spacers amongst the stem together with headset. Way too many spacers may stress the carbon fiber and cause failure. Contact the fork maker for limits when it comes to your hand. Generally speaking, makers recommend only 20mm extra pile height between stem and top battle.

Threadless Sizing Sample

  1. Our bicycle features a mind tube of 103mm.
  2. The lower pile actions 12.5mm.
  3. Top of the stack, including a wide washer, actions 20.5mm.
  4. The stem height is 41mm.
  5. The sum total of reduced stack, upper stack, washers, and stem is 74mm. That will place the hand exactly at the conclusion of the stem, so we deduct 3mm for a working total of 71mm
  6. Add our 71mm to the mind tube length of 103mm for a steering column length of 174mm. In the event that you get a decimal response, locate whenever cutting.


Assembly / Disassembly Strategy

If the headset is put in, another but slowly strategy to determine steering column length will be build the steering column to the head tube with bearings in position, and assemble stem and spacers on top. Scribe hand at top of stem. Pull fork and slashed 3mm below scribe range.

Cutting Steering Column—Threadless

It really is recommend to use saw guide SG-6 to cut threadless steering articles. This device holds the hand square to the saw knife. Using a great high quality and sharp hack knife becomes necessary for a properly slashed line. Usually, 24 teeth per inches are suitable for steering articles.

NOTE FOR CARBON FIBER: For carbon fiber steering column, a finer 32 TPI blade is recommended. To reduce dust from carbon, keep carefully the blade damp. If you like to utilize a “diamond rod knife, ” you're able to put in washers to broaden the guide slot of SG-6. An alternative choice is to try using the external blade as helpful information. Keep the diamond blade from the external metallic face of this SG-6. Align the cut level to this outside face, and press carefully contrary to the tool while you cut. Remember that this can aesthetically mar the device. Use a fine emery cloth to complete the finish.

  1. Determine proper length of steering line. Mark column making use of marker or scribe.
  2. Place hand inside SG-6. Loosely secure handle.
  3. Go SG-6 saw guide starting over mark-on column.
  4. Safe SG-6 handle and put SG-6 in vise.
  5. Cut-through column. (NOTE: reduce with pressure just in forward way. Never apply excessive force on knife.)
  1. Loosen handle and move line to a little protrude past address plate.
  2. Use level file to finish end of line. Utilize round file or deburring tool to remove sharp inside side of column.
  3. Loose handle and move column more through address dish. Keep deal with loose allowing column to rotate.
  4. Rotate hand and employ level file to bevel exterior sharp side of line.
  5. Pull fork from SG-6.


Threaded Forks

Threaded forks need comparable dimensions as threadless forks. Start with calculating head pipe size. Next, determine pile level. The stem is not contained in figuring bunch level after all. If you should be calculating pile height, assemble the low the main headset with bearings in position. Assess the from fork top battle to where lower pressed race would enter the mind pipe. Next, gauge the upper bunch from where the top pressed battle would go into the mind tube toward the top of adjusting race. Add any spacers, including any brake housing stops or reflector brackets. Gauge the height associated with the locknut, but subtract the amount of any “lip” near the top of the nut. The steering line must not get in touch with this inner lip once the locknut is secured. See cross section below.

Threaded Fork Example
  • Our bicycle has actually a mind pipe of 205mm.
  • The stack height including washers, and bookkeeping for locknut lip, is 42mm.
  • The steering column is 247mm very long.

Cutting Steering Column - Threaded

It is endorse to utilize saw guide SG-1 (1" column), SG-2 (1-1/8" line), or SG-3 (1-1/4" column) to cut threaded steering columns. This device keeps the hand square toward saw blade. Use of good quality and sharp hack blade becomes necessary for an adequately cut line. Typically, 24 teeth per inch tend to be suitable for steering articles.

  1. Determine proper period of steering column.
  2. Clamp SG securely into vise.
  3. Thread line into Saw Guide SG. Measure from base of fork top to gap in guide dishes. Thread SG as necessary to attain proper measurement.
  4. Cut-through column. (NOTE: Cut with pressure just in forward course. Cannot apply extortionate stress on blade.)
  5. Thread line until it slightly protrudes past cover plate.
  6. Utilize flat file to complete end of column. Use round file or deburring device in order to complete inside side of line.
  7. Bond column more through address dish.
  8. Use flat file to bevel external bond at about a 45 level position. This allow effortless beginning of threaded events and locknut.
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