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The Tour de France is mostly about to check out great britain amid an English-speaking cycling increase – a lot because it did 20 years ago. But, despite the success of Chris Boardman and Sean Yates in 1994 – each of whom wore the first choice's yellow jersey through that year's battle – the boom after that had bit regarding road-cycling, and everything to do with the then-fashionably durable mountain bike. From television to Sunday supplements, hill cycling was the general public face of cycling, while the coolest pastime of the year.

2 decades on, the tires have switched: road-cycling are at its peak, therefore the hill bicycle is a memory very long since hidden at the back of your shed. So what went incorrect?

In 1994, the Tour swept past me virtually unnoticed. After spending the money I would saved from couple of years of washing neighbours' vehicles each weekend, I'd be a paid-up mountain-bike bandwagon jumper – and another associated with the very first things you learnt as a mountain-biker was that roadies were unhappy skinflints whom liked principles significantly more than they liked having fun. Being 14, I hated principles, liked fun, and adored mountain-biking.

That year, Lloyd Grace exposed the bicycle store Top Banana in Woodford Green, directly on the path for this 12 months's Tour De France stage three, which goes from Cambridge to London. With Epping Forest on its home, Top Banana gained a reputation among London's best mountain-bike shops, and its weekly trips became the stuff of legend.

"During the 1990s we stocked 90 per cent hill bicycles, " Grace says today. "We don't do roadway; back then, a roadie had been an extremely various individual roadies now. They were old-school, they don't need spend some money."

The 1990s were a fantastic time in the field of mountain-biking. Considering that the 1980s, the bikes had all checked much the same – skinny metallic pipes, fat tyres, cantilever brake system and a few gears. But once 1994 rolled around, suspension forks were starting to appear, back suspension system ended up being becoming more than a pipe fantasy, and new products, like carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, were being employed to produce bikes less heavy, stronger, stiffer – plus desirable. I cannot imagine I became the only person whom filled the margins of my college books with doodles, aping the design of "Mint Sauce", the hand-drawn comic strip chronicling living of an MTB-mad sheep regarding Southern Downs, as seen in mountain-biking's then-bible, MBUK mag.

"in those days it had been viewed as more of an enjoyable thing, " claims Grace, "and when Trek and Fisher brought out the [full-suspension] Y-bike, that got another lot of people into it. It didn't appear to be a bicycle any longer, it seemed futuristic, and therefore truly changed sales – everybody desired someone to hang off their vehicle, to have in their storage or simply just to drive down the street."

Looking back, that point might have-been the beginning of the finish for mountain-biking. In the last twenty years, it offers progressed from supplying very few choices to far too many in an ever-increasing number of niches – there's a range of three wheel sizes with suspension travel which range from zero to 200mm, addressing sub-genres from cross-country to enduro and all-mountain to downhill. Where do you begin?

"Are we making bicycles that are much too niche and technical for folks? Should we be going back towards less complicated bicycles?" asks Carlton Reid, editor regarding the bicycle-industry magazine BikeBiz, and himself a member associated with the Brit group that competed in the first hill Bike World Championships in 1987. "Mountain-biking happens to be a victim of the very own success, " he feels. "It got popular quickly, diversified and developed a lot of product. For brand new blood, that much option is stultifying. It is a concealed cult now – folks regularly enter mountain-biking as it had been an accessible type of biking. It is not any more."

The definition of "mountain bicycle" itself has never been helpful – the French term "vélo tout surface" seems a better information. Top Banana built a residential area of hill bikers by leading rides around Epping Forest, the greatest point which is a full 91m above sea-level. Top Banana closed its doorways in 2002, the demise knell being sounded because of the combination of a wet summer and the outbreak of foot-and-mouth infection in 2001. "You couldn't ride, you cann't race, there were land closures; it simply killed united states, " claims Grace.

Ever since then, the public picture of mountain-biking features morphed into an extreme recreation, about teenagers throwing themselves off cliffs or down ravines. It's a difficult misrepresentation, when for many people, a mountain-bike trip seems very similar as a road-ride – riding along side friends, chatting and experiencing the countryside, however in the woods or on the Dales, from the constant, lifeless risk of motorists. Together with cycle you must do that really isn't extremely complicated – a rigid framework with a suspension hand is the most affordable entry point, and several might find little point progressing beyond that.

However, while mountain-biking is almost certainly not attracting new-people into recreation in the manner road-cycling currently is, it really is a strong tourist business; a year ago, Tourism Intelligence Scotland stated that mountain-biking site visitors were really worth £119m toward nation in a tourist economy worth a complete of £4.3bn. That is a substantial amount, specially into outlying communities mountain-bikers favour.

I constantly seen mountain-biking as a supremely practical ways dealing with locations you'd never typically manage to access. Then when the journey concerns the united kingdom this July, i will be chasing after the competition back at my mountain cycle, using bridleways and by-ways to have between seeing spots and steering clear of the inescapable obstruction that will snarl-up the nearby roadways.

Two decades ago, it was unimaginable that Britain would create two consecutive journey winners, or that road bikes would ever again dominate the leisure biking marketplace. But things change. Amid the hoopla associated with the journey's go to come july 1st, it is really worth remembering that long before we rediscovered the particular enjoyment of chasing after tarmac, there was clearly, and forever is, the hill bicycle.

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