10 Reasons A Recumbent Road

Recumbent Road Bicycle

Lightning bicycle convenience scoreIf you are new to recumbent bicycles, you might ask yourself what the differences and benefits tend to be.

Unlike all traditional (AKA diamond frame, upright, protection, wedgie, etc.) bikes, that are based on a concept over a century old, the Lightning hires a modern, high-tech built-in design, leading to a bicycle that is:

  • 3 times much more comfortable
  • Twice as safe
  • 30percent Faster
  • More pleasurable than you’ve ever had on two rims!


The patent-pending Lightning ergonomic seat design places the rider in an obviously calm position, and gives complete help for a remarkably luxurious ride. Initially, the chair base is at the very least 3 times larger than the seat on any upright bicycle; this implies the stress put on your back is just 1/3 compared to an upright cycle. Then, the shoulder-high seat back aids you prefer no other cycle can, getting rid of the majority of tension on the straight back. Also, the normal upright place ensures that very little weight is put on neck, arms, hands, and hands, lowering or eliminating pain and tenderness within these areas. And lastly, the nylon mesh and cantilever associated with the chair absorb roadway shock, further assisting to increase convenience.

“I’ve come to be believing that the recumbent is the cycle for the future. Its comfortable to ride for long periods, and it won’t produce numb fingers or crotch.”

Dr. David Smith, MD, Cycling

“i have already been a bike rider for 24 many years but concluded standard bikes get one fundamental flaw: they simply are not comfortable. I haven’t ridden my upright bicycle since I obtained my Lightning.”

Ed S., Arizona

“My straight back keeps improving with all the Lightning. We haven’t visited the Chiropractor this year, but my back seems much better than it has within the last few three decades.”

T. Johnson, Illinois


Lightning P-38 weight stability Just Lightning has actually a medium
wheelbase and sliding crank growth.
These functions provide the ideal
weight circulation, which results in
unequaled protection and superb
dealing with for all dimensions riders.

Braking distance is mostly about ½ that upright bicycles, additionally the potential for exceeding the handlebars is eradicated. This will be a direct result the low center of gravity, while the 45% front side / 55% rear weight distribution of Lightning design. In addition, the seat height along with your eye degree resembles compared to a typical sedan. This particular fact, as well as the upright head place, gives great exposure in traffic, and permits automobile motorists direct attention contact so they notice you more easily; consequently, safety is maximized.

The best body weight circulation, combined with a medium wheelbase and direct steering, delivers superb management, response, and trip comfort. This excellent handling, along with the unparalleled braking overall performance, makes it possible to avoid pretty much all hazardous situations.

“Braking is fantastic, as almost idiot-proof as possible on a bicycle. In Addition, harsh roadway overall performance is ideal for a recumbent.” — Bicycle Guide, May 1986.


For 23 many years, Lightning features maintained an energetic race staff for one reason; making sure that Lightning owners have the best cycle feasible. Top-level competitors and elite bikers put demands on bicycles which cannot usually be duplicated. This ultimate testing ground permits us to rapidly test and implement considerable improvements for many our designs.

Just Lightning, among recumbent makers has actually set multiple world documents and events predominantly using same bikes we sell. The result is a much high level of performance, protection, convenience, and durability than comparably listed companies.

In this unequaled item development program, Lightning competition groups have actually logged a large number of competition miles globally, posted hundreds of competition wins, and set many globe files, including:

The large Lightning rate benefit is partially as a result of recumbent seat place, which gift suggestions less frontal location into the wind. Thus, speed increases ten to fifteenpercent versus a typical road or mountain bike.

Addition regarding the optional Zzipper fairing produces an extra 10per cent rate advantage.

Finally, for experienced bikers, the F-40 fairing are added to the P-38 or R-84; this results in speeds which can be as much as double a typical bicycle’s overall performance.

Fun to drive

“Back on the job, it dawned on myself that individuals took the Lightning for a passing fancy course I’ve done a huge selection of times. But I really performedn’t believe I’d before had this much fun!” — March 1993

“I will have over 8, 000 miles back at my P-38, so that as you predicted, this is the just bicycle I am driving.” — Norm K., California


The Lightning is smaller compared to most recumbents and exact same size as a typical bike. What this means is it can be transported of many vehicle racks and it is simple to park and store. An extra benefit of the method wheelbase is a six-foot turning distance.

Recumbent Junction Road downhill 斜躺單車-廣播道落
Recumbent Junction Road downhill 斜躺單車-廣播道落 ...
Riding recumbent tadpole tricycles: The 2012 Catrike Road
Riding recumbent tadpole tricycles: The 2012 Catrike Road
Azub recumbent vs road bicycle
Azub recumbent vs road bicycle
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