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As of January 22, 2016, the Delta de Anza Regional Trail is shut until additional notice in Pittsburg, at adore Ridge Road towards west end of this school residential property within bridge. The closing is due to construction in your community.

In Regards To The Path

The paved, multi-use walking, cycling and equestrian path presently covers over 15 kilometers of in the offing 25-mile size. When finished, it's going to usually proceed with the East Bay Municipal Utility District's corridor therefore the Contra Costa liquid District's channel.

This trail is an alternative solution transportation corridor linking communities in central and eastern Contra Costa County. It offers usage of regional and neighborhood parks, many schools and Los Medanos Community College. The city parks have actually play places for children and are usually exemplary remainder stops during longer trips, providing restrooms, drinking water and picnic services.

The path intersects Antioch's Mokulumne Trail as well as the Marsh Creek local Trail in Oakley. It links the urban centers of Concord, Bay aim, Pittsburg, Antioch and Oakley and access to Contra Loma Regional Park (and Black Diamond Mines local Preserve) through Antioch Community Park.

NOTE: Trail goes on. See the Marsh Creek Trail.

Path Accessibility

Many elements of Delta de Anza Regional Trail are wheelchair available. Particular components have tiny increases or mountains that'll provide troubles for people in wheelchairs, specifically portions right beside Los Medanos College and Marchetti Park in Pittsburg and portions on either part of Canal Park in Antioch. The path within the Willow Pass, from Evora Road in Bay point out Willow Pass path in Concord, is lengthy and steep.

Multi-Use Path

Secure multiple usage of this also multiple usage tracks calls for every person's cooperation. Each path user is asked to work out common courtesy. BIKES YIELD to ponies and hikers. HIKERS YIELD to horses. Remain to the right associated with the path except when passing. NO MOTORIZED CARS tend to be allowed regarding the path, wheelchairs excepted.

Violations of every for the following may end up in citation.

All Trail Users:

  • Be safe, considerate and alert to your impact on the trail along with other path users.
  • For all's security, keep to suitable. Proceed single file around blind curves.
  • For your protection, headphones are not advised.
  • Safety helmets are expected for legal reasons for bicyclists under age 18, consequently they are highly recommended for all bicyclists and equestrians.
  • Puppies must be on leash where posted, and under full spoken control somewhere else. Kindly clean up after your puppy.


  • Bicycles aren't allowed, either strolled, ridden or carried, on tracks marked "No Bicycles."
  • Bicycles shall never be ridden at a hazardous rate, or more than the posted rate restriction. Be familiar with how you are observed by other path users.
  • Bells are needed on bicycles on Park District tracks.
  • Bikes always yield to pedestrians. Before passing, DECELERATE, band bell and establish verbal contact.
  • When approaching equestrians, call-out, ring bell and prevent, whether you're seen or perhaps not. Request instructions on how to pass safely.
  • On blind turns, DECELERATE, call-out, ring bell and trip single-file.


  • Maintain just the right when approached by other individuals.
  • Always yield to equestrians.
  • Look behind and to both edges before altering program.


  • Keep your horse off to the right or where safe when experiencing various other path people.
  • Communicate. Let various other trail users know how to pass your horse safely.
  • Please clean up after your horse on paved tracks.

Path conflicts or violations ought to be reported towards the Trail Hotline at (510) 733-6991. For a sudden response, telephone call (510) 881-1833. In the event of crisis switch 9-1-1.

Trail Map

Click the map image below to see an increased variation.

Guidelines for navigating the enlarged map:

When the increased type of the chart opens click the 'Full increase' symbol inside reduced right hand place regarding the map to begin to see the 'Actual Size' chart.

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