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Downhill Mountain Bike neck brace

Protect your throat! Over the past several years, neck braces have grown to be a vital element of numerous gravity racers equipment. Along with a helmet, these are generally intended to lower the chance of a serious throat injury by restricting the neck's range of motion and dissipating the energy from headfirst crashes. There are a few styles and cost points to pick from and even some modification thanks to stickers and pad options.

Neck Braces


There are two kinds of neck support based on the way they sleep on a driver's human anatomy. The most typical style of support rests on a driver's upper body and back thanks to cushioned supports built to soak up and dissipate power from effects. The other type rests on a rider's shoulders on either region of the helmet, versus regarding upper body, but nonetheless utilizes a support on back. Both kinds are designed to supply the same form of security consequently they are similarly viable choices.


Depending on the manufacturer, throat braces can be found in two to four sizes including tiny to extra-extra-large. Through step-by-step sizing maps that element in rider fat, level and upper body circumference, choosing the proper size is very easy. We recommend visiting the producer's website to find the appropriate sizing chart.


Neck braces utilize a variety of products inside their construction. The supports and collar are made from either synthetic or carbon fiber, hinges are synthetic and aluminum, and differing types of foam are employed where in fact the support touches the body.

What To Seek Out

When shopping for a neck brace, it is essential to discover a design that meets well with both the human body kind and helmet choice. Just like any other piece of safety gear, a proper fit is really important to guaranteeing the throat support does its job. Most producers provide their particular braces in numerous sizes many models may fit a lot better than other people. Bikers which put on human anatomy armor may wish to explore possible compatibility dilemmas between braces and defensive gear (you can find human body armor models created designed for usage with a brace). Additionally be sure to pick a brace that meets your private style and style, this way wearing it does not appear to be a chore.

Simply How Much To Expend

Neck braces range in expense from $200 to $800.

Within the $200-$400 range, both forms of brace are available in all sizes. They use plastic supports and collars and offer similar kind of defense since the more costly designs but without a number of the features.

Upgrading on $400-$600 range, neck braces become lighter and less large as a result of slimmed down styles in addition to using some carbon fibre. More costly designs, such as these, likewise have higher adjustability to maximise comfort.

Eventually, the $600-$800 array of braces are carbon dietary fiber models designed for maximum overall performance. They provide more adjustability and generally are visibly lighter compared to the cheaper synthetic designs.

Product Critiques

Before buying, make sure you do your research and read product critiques. Reviews are a great way to find away details about a certain design, individual impressions, and items to be cautious about. After you have bought a product along with plenty of time to thoroughly test that, we encourage you to definitely leave an assessment for others to see if they are researching bicycles and parts online.


Leatt Neck Brace Safety Review
Leatt Neck Brace Safety Review
Leatt DBX Comp Ride Neck Brace Fitment Tutorial Guide
Leatt DBX Comp Ride Neck Brace Fitment Tutorial Guide
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