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Tandem Road Bicycles

Anyone who tells you biking is a solamente sport has actuallyn’t ridden a combination. Lay on leading and feel the push of pedals behind you, or pedal on the as well as spot your trust totally in somebody else’s navigation skills. Riding collectively in the bicycle draws you closer collectively away from it. A tandem is a lot more versus sum of its parts.

Road Tandem Models

The first occasion you're feeling the speed and perfect rhythm of combination cycling, a diverse, stupid smile crosses that person. We’ve seen it 1000 times. That smile gets also broader if the combination is Seven’s butted titanium. The sensation never develops old. Neither will the bullet-proof titanium Axiom 007.

I’s like an RV for folks with a somewhat more separate frame of mind. Drive it-all day. Unpack it. Cook from it. Camp as a result. Ride it another day. And another. And another. The smooth and confidence-inspiring ride regarding the custom titanium tubeset will beg you to definitely hold adding days towards trip. The Axiom 007 Touring is a freedom machine, for just two.

Our steel road combination features our unique Origin™ butted steel tubeset and a host of tandem-specific features, like an eccentric bottom bracket and a horizontal pipe design for torsional rigidity and light weight.

Bicycle Torque

Brake system had previously been simple. But alternatives for road and energy bicycles now consist of part pull, long reach, center pull, cantilever, V-brake, 6” disc, 8” disk, 10” disk, reasonable mount disc, or drum brake system. Seven works together all types of braking system system; we could help you create the proper decision for the perfect cycle.

Belt Drive

Durability, low maintenance, lengthy solution life, ease. They are the hallmarks of a belt drive system paired with an internally geared hub. This is certainly one example of the numerous drivetrain solutions Seven works closely with each day. Therefore, whatever gearing arrangement you need to explore, Seven has arrived to talk about skills and considerations with almost any drive system and gearing answer.

Backside Hub

Seven’s most popular combination backside axle spacings tend to be 145 mm and 160 mm. Of course, we can design around every single other hub width that’s ever before existed. Ask and also you shall get. Unsure exactly what hub width might be best? We are able to assist you in deciding.


203 mm disc brake system? Examine. Low mount disk choice? Check Always. Drum brake? Check. This checklist nearly that which you were hoping to find? How about 160 mm or 185 mm discs? Or V-brakes, cantilever brakes, Paul brake system, roadway brake system, or something like that else? Whatever your selected approach to tandem impedance, we’ve started using it covered.

Australian National Road Tandem Champions on Calfee Bike
Australian National Road Tandem Champions on Calfee Bike ...
Bicycle With Dual Tandem Rear Wheels
Bicycle With Dual Tandem Rear Wheels
Crazy tandem bicycle road rally race happening through
Crazy tandem bicycle road rally race happening through ...
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