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Our mini skate ramp field includes two launch ramps and a snap-on table top. Great for beginners, the 18" lengthy launch ramp can help you get comfortable hitting leaps on the skateboard, longboard, bmx bike, skates or scooter. With your self-confidence undamaged make use of the various other launch ramp as a landing ramp to help expand progress your skills and finally connect the table top to execute fast taps. This tiny ramp system normally great for rc automobiles.

  • Ideal for skateboards, longboards, skates, bmx bikes, scooters and rc vehicles
  • 250 lb capacity
  • Comes with two launch ramps and snap-on table top
  • 4 installing holes with included screws for additional stability


For releasing BMX Bikes and radio control Cars utilizing a kicker style ramp. Each component is molded from durable plastic and features a grit coated area for added grip.


The SK-903-MRK BMX Bike Ramp Kit includes two SK-100-MR BMX Ramps and a center table accessory. The middle table increases the general stability of ramps and a good surface for faucet tips, bunny hops, plus. With a ramp on each part of a snap-in center table, riders can hit releases without needing to get full circle back again to one launch ramp. Each element is molded from one little bit of durable plastic and features a textured area for additional grip. It's strongly advised to secure the SK-903-MRK BMX Bike Ramp system in place with all the included asphalt screws for safety and stability. With a 250 lb capacity, these bike ramps are great for BMX and radio control vehicle launching. As a result of size of the ramp system, it is not advised to make use of this system for skateboard starting unless tried by a professional driver.

Before making use of these or just about any other skateboard ramp, it's recommended to read the Skateboard Ramp Safety and Warnings guidelines and take the correct precautions for a safe and enjoyable experience. For more info on securing skateboard ramps please see the detailed Skateboard Ramp Securing practices article.


Mini BMX Ramp Kit includes (2) Ramps and a center dining table

Body Weight:

6 pounds

Body Weight

250 lbs

Ramp Length:


Ramp Width:


Ramp Height:


Item Functions

  • Patent #: RE38, 326
  • Each element is manufactured out of an individual little bit of durable shaped plastic
  • Textured surface for added grip
  • Lightweight transportable ramp system
  • 4 installing things for each ramp (sides)
  • Must be mounted in position for security and stability during use
  • Installing screws included
  • Center table snaps into both ramps
  • Dining table Length is 14"
  • Table Width is 9-7/8"
  • 12 months guarantee


Forms of Skateboard Ramps
Skateboard Ramp Protection and Warnings
Skateboard Ramp Securing Methods
How to Do a Tail Tap on a Bike Ramp : BMX Tricks
How to Do a Tail Tap on a Bike Ramp : BMX Tricks
Homemade Ramps FOR SALE! legit
Homemade Ramps FOR SALE! legit
FIT Bike Check **FOR SALE**
FIT Bike Check **FOR SALE**
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