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a bicycle that suits you correctly may well be more safe, comfortable,
efficient and fun.

Whether you're getting very first bicycle, attempting to upgrade to that custom-built dream device, or you would like to drive your current cycle much more easily. Bike Sport Shop’s trained fit staff is very happy to just take you through the procedure of a suitable bicycle fit.

We ensure that after your session with our bicycle fitting specialists you should have an obvious knowledge of exactly how the body works on a bike and exactly why a suitable suitable bicycle is indeed vital that you your driving knowledge. A bike that meets you properly will likely be less dangerous, much more comfortable and much more enjoyable. Bike Sport store's ultimate goal is for one to have the ability to drive longer, with less tension on your human anatomy.

We strongly recommend our cycle fit service for anyone which suffers from any of the after signs:

  • Numb, tingling or aching arms
  • Aching spine
  • Stiff neck
  • Burning shoulders
  • Aching knees
  • Hot spots on your own foot


BG Fit Process

Meet Dr. Andy Pruitt

See the Results

View the Science & medication of Cycling Seminar

Body Geometry Fit

Created through years of analysis with Dr. Andy Pruitt of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, Body Geometry Fit is the ultimate fit selection for anybody trying to increase the top-notch their particular operating knowledge. Many individuals genuinely believe that this higher level fit strategy is only for experienced cyclist or racer trying to gain ultimate performance from their machine. Even though the system Geometry Fit strategy will try this, it maximizes comfort while decreasing the potential for damage, making your body Geometry Fit perfect for all cyclists.

The Body Geometry Fit process contains five primary components:

  1. Rider Profile Interview: Every fit, whether for a novice or a skilled cyclist, starts with a job interview amongst the trained Fit Specialist in addition to rider in order to realize a rider’s injury history, needs and targets.
  2. Actual evaluation: here is the secret on Body Geometry Fit procedure­­— permitting a Fit Specialist to build up an exact picture of a rider’s versatility along with other actual characteristics, so they’ll have the ability to result in the correct adjustments to assist them to be one along with their bike.
  3. Side-view: examined through the side, the aim is to figure out the rider’s unique active riding place, that's both effective and comfortable, through alterations to seat level, handlebar position, stem size, and cleat positioning.
  4. Front see: Original to the Body Geometry Fit procedure, this front view evaluation will enhance the hip, knee, and foot positioning for greater overall performance and balanced energy distribution.
  5. Followup: After per week roughly, the Fit Specialist will-call to ensure the alterations were effective also to respond to other concerns or problems the rider could have.

Expense: $250

Time: Approximately 2-3 hours

What things to bring: active cycle, shoes, pedals, jersey, shorts, gloves, bath towel, and liquid container.

Scheduling: necessitate a scheduled appointment.

  • S. Lamar- 512.477.3472
  • Research-512.345.7460
  • Parmer- 512.637.6890

Fundamental Fit

Our fundamental Positional Fit starts with documentation of one's existing fit. That is followed closely by a brief interview relating to your cycling history, your biking objectives and any previous injuries off and on the bike which could straight influence your flexibility and ultimate comfort in the bike as it relates to the three contact things regarding cycle: your feet, your rear end and fingers.

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