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Best BMX Bikes 2014

MC Scott O'Brien at Voodoo Jam BMX Flatland CompetitionScott O'Brien on mic at Voodoo Jam 2014 © Fat Tony/Red Bull

1. Scott O’Brien

In 2004 Scott O’Brien ended up being only a person with a concept - to exhibit the planet their enthusiasm for flatland by hosting a competition inside a club while taking the audience as close towards the riders as you are able to. A decade later on his enthusiasm for the sport and Voodoo Jam is more powerful than previously! After the finals ended, Scott said, “We proved to all the of BMX that flatland is relevant…flatland belongs. Flatland ought to be inside forefront of BMX biking, therefore we reveal it on a yearly basis at Voodoo Jam.”

Takahiro Ikeda at Voodoo Jam 2014 © Fat Tony/Red Bull

2. Takahiro Ikeda

The main beauty of Voodoo Jam could be the intercontinental draw. Bikers from all over the globe descend upon the top an easy task to go through the unique Creole tradition and vie against both underneath the lights for the club. Takahiro Ikeda is among the numerous Japanese bikers just who makes it a point to make the journey to Voodoo Jam annually, along with his eclectic showmanship is one thing the crowd certainly looks toward.

Naoto Tamaru on their solution to 6th at Voodoo Jam © Fat Tony/Red Bull

3. Naoto Tamaru

As with any reoccurring contests, Voodoo Jam is a great method to monitor a riders’ progress, and Naoto Tamaru is a great illustration of that since this 12 months had been their most readily useful showing however. Together with initial style and hard tips, Naoto worked his means in to the finals and finished in an excellent 6th destination.

BMX Flatland Rider Takahiro Ikeda at Voodoo Jam 2014 DJ Mattik offers the noises of Voodoo Jam © Fat Tony/Red Bull

4. DJ Mattik

If you have a competition inside certainly one of New Orleans’ top-quality clubs, it is crucial that you have actually a DJ who is able to obtain the cyclists and crowd pumped up. DJ Mattik was upon it through the night and not let up!

Viki Gomez takes it for Baco © Fat Tony/Red Bull

5. Viki Gomez

Viki Gomez rode incredibly constant through the night very long and qualified first to the finals. He stated his works had been dedicated to the Baco staff (Chad DeGroot, Chris Rye, Mark Hilson, and Aaron Behnke) who were indeed there for video premiere for “Push It To 11, ” a documentary on influential BacoVision BMX video show. Viki claimed he wanted to show his value and appreciation to your crew which he regarded as his masters as he began riding.

O'Brien assists kick Jean-William Prevost into equipment © Fat Tony/Red Bull

6. Jean-William Prevost

"Dub, " as Prevost is well known, has been increasing the past several years, and I don’t believe anyone is amazed that he’s now a podium danger at every major competition.

Balcony view of Tsutomu Kitayama at Voodoo Jam © Fat Tony/Red Bull

7. Tsutomu Kitayama

Last year’s Voodoo Jam winner Tsutomu Kitayama returned to the Crescent City to protect their subject. While he performedn’t find himself straight back in the podium, he did disappear because of the rider-voted Best Trick award.

BMX Flatland Rider Naoto Tamaru at Voodoo Jam 2014 Terry Adams keeps the Voodoo crowd in his fingers © Fat Tony/Red Bull

8. Terry Adams

Terry Adams loves to perform in front of crowds and flourishes from the power of his colleagues, so that it ended up being not surprising which he nailed one of is own dream combos regarding the very first try throughout the Best Trick competition, delivering the viewers as well as the various other cyclists into an absolute uproar.

The Terry Adams lover club © Fat Tony/Red Bull

9. Terry Adams Fan Club

Terry is a nearby hero and celebrity in Louisiana also it’s most likely safe to express that about half of the people inside Generations Hall went indeed there specifically to see him do.

Viki Gomez freestyles his final run at Voodoo Jam © Fat Tony/Red Bull

10. Viki Gomez

Following the 12 finalists each took their works, the area had been narrowed down to the most effective three competitors just who took towards the flooring one final time for an epic three-man battle. Gomez’s final combination associated with the night was almost perfect and lasted when you look at the neighbor hood of 60 seconds. Viki said it was “completely freestyle” with nothing prepared and wished his spontaneity would send a note with other riders.

When asked what the emphasize of their evening was, Terry Adams described Viki’s last link and said, “The guy really just held going and going… He’s therefore managed and doesn’t shake at all when he’s on their bicycle. He’s a true expert in which he definitely killed it. I’ll always remember that!”

Yohei Uchino strikes their trademark bike flip © Fat Tony/Red Bull

11. Yohei Uchino

Ucchie has been around various spots regarding the podium several times throughout the reputation for Voodoo Jam, like the top place at his very first competition previously outside Japan in 2008. This year his signature bike flip assisted him land that top place yet again, and then he couldn't being happier.

DJ Mattik in the 2014 Voodoo Jam BMX Flatland Contest Sick tips bring traveling kicks © Fat Tony/Red Bull

12. Yohei Uchino & Scott O’Brien

O’Brien is known for getting therefore into the competition while announcing which he works, leaps, slides, tosses, and kicks in pleasure after a rider draws a combo. The crowd and bikers both think it’s great, since it increases the energy plus the tv show.

Voodoo Jam 2014 trophies © Fat Tony/Red Bull

13. Voodoo Jam Trophies

Annually the trophies of Voodoo Jam tend to be launched in remarkable fashion and put on show during occasion. This season Brian Mattei came up with another innovative idea to greatly help add some New Orleans voodoo style toward awards with a potion bottle theme.

Tyler Gilliard using the Rider's Selection award © Fat Tony/Red Bull

14. Tyler Gilliard - Riders’ Preference Award

In 2006 Tyler Gilliard made your way from Southern Florida to Louisiana where he entered their 2nd contest ever before, winning the amateur division at Voodoo Jam. Now, nearly 10 years later he had been plumped for by the best riders on the planet for the Riders’ Choice Award after lacking the professional finals by just one-spot, finishing the contest in 13th spot.

Voodoo Jam 2014 podium © Fat Tony/Red Bull

15. Voodoo Jam Podium: Jean-William Prevost, Yohei Uchino, & Viki Gomez

Canada, Japan, and Spain were all represented regarding the podium in a city that is just as culturally diverse.

Hugs tend to be awesome, correct? © Fat Tony/Red Bull

16. Terry Adams & Scott O’Brien

Voodoo Jam is a labor of love, and O’Brien and Adams have poured their particular hearts and souls to the event for the last 10 years. Their particular long-time relationship shines through during week of Voodoo Jam while they number riders from around the whole world inside their home and produce an experience for everyone that won’t be forgotten.

Final Results:

1. Yohei Uchino (Japan)
2. Viki Gomez (Spain)
3. Jean-William Prevost (Canada)
4. Takahiro Ikeda (Japan)
5. Alex Jumelin (France)
6. Naoto Tamaru (Japan)
7. Jason Plourde (Canada)
8. Terry Adams (USA)
9. Tsutomu Kitayama (Japan)
10. Gonzalo Bellanti (Argentina)
11. Bo Wade (USA)

BMX Flatland Rider Jean-William Prevost at Voodoo Jam BMX Flatland Rider Tsutomu Kitayama at Voodoo Jam 2014 BMX Flatland Rider Terry Adams at Voodoo Jam 2014 BMX Flatland Rider Terry Adams lovers at Voodoo Jam 2014
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