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On the website we sometimes utilize some typically common abreviations, but we recognize that these may possibly not be apparent to any or all; therefore here is a verbose but fundamental rundown of the many ones we could think of at the moment. If you discover more that do not seem sensible just inform us. To have a complete image of some bmx terms and their use we counsel you to analyze in more detail (esp. in areas such as for instance bottom brackets, 4130 cromoly and frame sizing that may suit you). Some explanations may seem uneccessary, but some nations do use including utilize different measuring systems and so our typical terms sometimes cannot make sense while the explanation stays appropriate.

TT: Toptube;

DT: Downtube; ø: Symbol indicating diameter, you could also explain it because the width of a tube

ST: Seattube

HT: Headtube

CS: Chainstays

SS: Seatstays

Heat-treated: an ongoing process of including heat to improve strength

Magma Heat-Treatment: this will be our term for our full post welding heat-treatment process

Butted: whenever a tube differs thick to save weight and add power

Shot peening is a process accustomed produce a compressive recurring anxiety layer and alter mechanical properties of metals.

4130 CrMo: a kind of Cromoly utilized predominately on high quality bmx bicycles

Laser cut: in which components have now been precisely slashed utilizing a laser instead of the cheaper alternative to be stamped out


Sealed Bearing or SB: applied if the bearings tend to be sealed

Loose ball bearing or LB: Used if the bearings are unsealed

Midsize BB: a base bracket where in fact the bearings fit/press directly into the frame. All wethepeople frames & most bicycles use Midsize BB's


We just take fantastic care to get you all the details, all the specifications and weights of each and every product we make so that you can make the correct choice by what most readily useful suits your driving style. We additionally take action because we're happy with every work we added in order to make our bicycles, structures and parts ideal for riders. Unlike some businesses we don't conceal factual statements about exactly what our frames are constructed of, or what a bike is spec'd with. Nevertheless we have been only human also it could possibly be that despite our most useful efforts you need more information or believe that one thing is not correct, please get in touch so we can make it appropriate. We feature full specs for everything on the internet site.

Exactly what size is the inner headset on the frames? Do I want a special one?

wethepeople frames which use an interior headset need a Capagnolo appropriate version of the internal headset. They have a size of 41.8mm(x8x45°/ MH-P08F), this will never be mistaken for the 41mm variation. It is suggested that you buy such products with a knowledgable BMX dealer and never a regular cycle store. We've used exactly the same measurements of inner headset on all models featuring it since we introduced this kind of headset to the range in 2005.

What exactly is the rear triangle length on my framework when slammed?

This varies framework to framework. But we leave at least 5mm(0.2") free in front of the axle. For instance, a 21.25" framework features a specified CS period of 13.5-13.75". Then when slammed then it’s less 5mm (0.2"). But consider your pegs - you'll drive a 35mm OD peg or a 38mm OD peg just with a shamfered part as it might-be they take a seat on the weld whenever wheel is slammed (this brakes your axles, framework and most likely peg faster).

Half links?

1 full website link removed will go your wheel ahead .5" (12.7mm) . 5 link would move your wheel right back .25" (6.3mm)

How much does every individual ball-bearing weigh?

Yeah ok it's a rhetorical concern; but we place ALL the specifications and photos for the bikes, frames and components on this site, if you've been through these and FAQ and still require responses feel free to get in touch. More professional concerns tend to be welcome...and towards man who requested, if you slashed your brake lugs and guides off you will conserve 31g (includes the cutting residue), okay. We regularly display manufacturing weights for virtually any component, bike, screw, bolt, fan and whatever on the net site, however the maintenance of the was simply daunting and as opposed to publish everything incorrect i decided to eliminate it. Sorry.

kg: The abreviation for body weight in kilo

pounds: The abreviation for fat in pounds

oz: The abreviation for body weight in Ounces

What talked sizes do i would like for my hubs?

Top 10 2013 Bmx Bikes (Updated)
Top 10 2013 Bmx Bikes (Updated)
Bmx bike review
Bmx bike review
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