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Dyno/GT Bmx Bike

1999 Dyno/GT Mooneyes Cruiser

Dyno produced 1000 of the Mooneyes Cruisers for Moon Equipment Co in 1999 so the company could showcase their 26″ Bicycle Moon Discs.

It’s a tremendously appealing device and, with its restricted production, a genuine modern classic.

I imported it through the American. It’s my very first (and only) contemporary bicycle!

Having its discs fitted, it is not the smoothest trip. And you don't need certainly to push the tyres!



California, United States Of America

Dyno was begun by Bob Morales in 1982. Says Bob:

“Dyno relocated from my storage into a tiny warehouse in Huntington seashore, California. Dyno included BMX quantity dishes also accessories to its manufacturer product line. Dyno sponsored the “SE Racing” and “GT BMX/Freestyle” teams and went full-page shade advertisements in BMX mags assisting Dyno to become dominant inside brand new growing sport through the entire world.”

MVC-006SFor more on Dyno history, please see –



Any greaser well worth his body weight in pomade understands you can’t cruise chicks on a rust container. That’s the reason why the kitties at GT truly souped up this year’s Kustom Kruisers. One spin on these infants and you may smell the spirit associated with roadway. Every Kustom Kruiser conjures up fresh memories from America’s car-crazed glory days, late-night carhops, hot rod hangouts and of course, girls. Bottoms up!

In gathering of Harley-Davidson’s 95th Anniversary, GT Bicycles produced a small version bike, the Velo Glide Ultra. Manufacturing ended up being limited by 1, 000 bikes. GT Bicycles worked closely with designers in the bike business to “capture the heritage and character of Harley-Davidson in a bicycle.” Susan McPherson, Senior management, General products declared that: “The Velo Glide Ultra succeeds in all respects.”

Bearing in mind that Harley Davidson did initially develop ‘tank’ bicycles to look like their particular motorcycles associated with time, it must happen a considerable challenge to produce today's HD bicycle. Right here it really is. What do you think?

As You Can Plainly See under, the Dyno just isn't my just car to sport Moon Discs…


Santa Fe Springs, California, American

Dean Moon began the business in the fifties from humble origins, however the name quickly became similar to the American hot rod/ customized automobile scene, and today it really is an international business.

‘Moon Discs’ (below) were an instantaneous success. When you look at the belated fifties they offered 10, 000 in a single thirty days.

The disks remain applied to customized automobiles these days: you can see them, under, fitted to my modified 1966 VW Roadster.

I guess I should took the Dyno down to the coastline for the photoshoot. But having plucked it from its country of beginning, it appeared more appropriate to celebrate my ‘piracy’ by picturing it within a quaint English outlying environment. Under threatening heavens, Ovingdean in East Sussex kindly obliged. For added impact, in image above, you can observe this creation from the end associated with the twentieth century hobnobbing with a bicycle produced as that century switched, a 1901 Ladies Royal Sunbeam.


ORIGINAL 1988 red dyno detour bmx bike check
ORIGINAL 1988 red dyno detour bmx bike check
1 GT/DYNO VFR 20" BMX racing bike
1999 GT/DYNO VFR 20" BMX racing bike
Dyno Vintage Freestyle BMX bike Dumpster Dive Garbage Find
Dyno Vintage Freestyle BMX bike Dumpster Dive Garbage Find
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