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Getting efficient period race insurance coverage are a headache. You can find a multitude of activities regulating figures with regards to very own guidelines – With Yellow Jersey your bikes, equipment and clothing will always covered

At Yellow Jersey, all of us contend frequently in Triathlons, path Races, Sportives, hill bicycle activities and CX events. We recognize that getting effective cycle address for racing are difficult. That’s why we went back toward drawing board and created a bicycle insurance coverage that comprehensively addresses the requirements and wants associated with racing lover. Our Bicycle Racing Insurance isn't only an afterthought our race cover is included as standard.

Just what cover do I have with period battle insurance coverage?

If you are rushing your bicycle, there are many standard covers that you must have in position. Various sports regulating systems, including Uk Cycling, TLI, British Triathlon, along with specific battle organisers will insist you have actually third party obligation address in place. While association to one of these organisations may protect you due to their sanctioned occasions, we at Yellow Jersey recognised that it could be far easier if we created an insurance plan that protected you it doesn't matter what the big event or organiser.

So that you can race with total peace of mind, it is important to start thinking about:

  • third party Obligation protection
  • Cover against your bikes, gear and clothes becoming damaged during the race.
  • Protection for the equipment when its during the event although not used – when its sat within the automobile while you go to sign up, endured within the change part of a triathlon while your swimming or running, or in the pit section of a CX competition while you’re from a lap with your various other bike, for instance.
  • Insurance coverage available along with your bike while training or rushing overseas.

Usually, a household insurance policy won’t look after these requirements as standard. Which means you require a specialist bicycle racing insurance coverage.

So what does bike rushing insurance cover by Yellow Jersey offer?

a bicycle insurance from Yellow Jersey has many associated with standard addresses you’d expect in a pattern insurance policy, but with some specific additional benefits for the competitive racer:

  • Overseas cover. If you're traveling abroad, education camp or race, we offer cover for you personally, your cycle, garments and gear as standard.
  • Cover for many amateur activities. It cann’t matter whom the governing human body is, we include address for you personally and your gear anyway occasions.
  • Multi-bike rebate. If you competition, the likelihood is you will have more than one cycle. Whether you have an exercise bicycle in addition to your absolute best bike, several CX devices or a selection of road and hill bicycles, we offer a generous 60percent discount on 2nd bicycles guaranteed on the same plan.
  • Quality bike insurance. Competition bikes these days may be well worth many thousands of weight. Many household guidelines just cater for bicycles as much as £750 or £1000. Our plan enables individual devices well worth to £15, 000, or cover for longer than one bike around a total of £50, 000 about the same policy.
  • Crash harm cover. If you are rushing, spills are a fact of life. Whether you race the local crit series or hill bicycle downhill, you can expect crash damage cover for your bicycle also gear and clothes.

These advantages are presented in inclusion to numerous various other advantages that can be viewed by pressing the “Cover” loss above.

Simply click “Get a quote” for bicycle racing insurance today and in addition discover how much you can save on your 2nd (or 3rd) cycle whenever you insure through yellowish Jersey. Purchase Today.

Get bicycle racing insurance coverage designed by cyclists. Thoughtful, comprehensive cover for you, your cycle and gear whether in the home, out training or rushing up the Alps.

Our plan will include the following advantages;

Section Standard Benefits
Theft & Accidental Damage Included
Several Cycles Offered
Accessories £250 Included free
Bicycle Box £500
Brand new for Old Substitution As much as 3 years old
Race Fee Cancellation Cover
Bicycle race (Queen) cover
Bicycle race (Queen) cover
Queen - Bicycle race - Bass cover
Queen - Bicycle race - Bass cover
Queen (Bicycle Race) Cover Video
Queen (Bicycle Race) Cover Video
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