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29er downhill bike

It once was therefore easy. Hill bicycles had 26in wheels and that was that. It absolutely was in that way since 26in wheeled beach cruiser bicycles were initially raced down Californian mountains and, besides periodic experiments, it remained that way for over many years.

Then development dynamo and marketing and advertising wizard Gary Fisher began pressing 29er rims on their bikes. Fisher certainly had beenn’t initial convert but he had been backed by the massive production, purchasing and attempting to sell power of Trek Bicycles. Because the initial maneuvering and gear issues were gradually sorted out 29ers gained momentum and more plus brands ultimately jumped on the ‘wagon wheel’ bandwagon.

29in tires aren't perfect for every little thing though, and with the 26in stranglehold broken, other innovators revived the advanced 650b (aka 27.5in) wheel dimensions in a hill bike format that potentially guaranteed the very best of both globes.

Eager to duplicate this new cycle sales surge developed by 29er tires, fast-reacting organizations hopped regarding brand new 650b dimensions. The brand new bikes look better, deal with much better, fit more people and much more riding styles and, virtually instantly, 650b is pushing 26in rims to the verge of extinction.

But what would be the real variations in exactly how wheel dimensions trip and what type is the greatest obtainable?


The original wheel size might-have-been an accidental standard according to coastline cruisers, however it continues to have lots opting for it.

For a start, smaller diameter wheels and shorter spokes suggest 26in tires is made lighter and more responsive than other sizes. That means a more agile experience, faster accelerating bike on smooth surfaces.

They could also be made stiffer and more powerful too, and that's why most top downhill bikers are nevertheless following 26in wheels.

Spares are much simpler to discover than 29in and far more common than 650b replacements. That means it is less difficult get started again in the event that you puncture a tube, tear a tyre or crumple a wheel not even close to home. That’s clearly another bonus for downillers and jump cycle cyclists, who're probably the most very likely to destroy their particular gear. Many shops are usually attempting to sell 26in frames and components cheap also, so are there a great deal of upgrade deals about.

Since they struck things at a steeper angle and drop into holes easier they clatter and shed speed more rapidly than bigger wheels into the rough though. They’re not as steady steering or as grippy as 650B or 29er formats of the same tyres often.

  • Can be made lighter, stiffer and more powerful than other sizes
  • Lots of current 26in wheels, tyres, forks and bikes makes spares low priced and easy to locate
  • Feels lumpier and stalls easier than bigger tires on harsh landscapes

650b / 27.5in

29ers undoubtedly caused it to be simpler the MTB business to present a 3rd wheel dimensions, but we’re however shocked how quickly 650B was accepted.

First thing to realise is the fact that rims aren’t in fact 27.5in but closer to 27in. As a result they’re dramatically quicker to accelerate and easier to flick around than a bigger 29er wheel.

There’s less steering inertia and flex inside managing also, therefore managing feels more receptive and balanced. The tires continue to be little adequate to assist long vacation suspension system frames and forks without them sensation or looking weird.

650B tyres nonetheless roll-over harsh ground more efficiently and grasp noticeably much better than 26in equivalents, but not including 29in tires.

As the brand-new wheel size is introduced therefore all of a sudden, many manufacturers are struggling to make enough bits for total bikes, let-alone extras for store stocks. Meaning spares are plenty harder locate on the go so stocking up beforehand pays. As materials tend to be tight don’t expect you'll get bits inexpensive often. Many makers remain concentrating their 650B efforts on ‘trail’ and ‘enduro' bikes too, so professional cross-country and downhill machines tend to be thin on the floor.

  • Faster accelerating, more powerful, stiffer and more nimble than 29in but noticeably smoother than 26in
  • Maneuvering and wheel placement feels much more normal than 29er tires
  • Free tubes, tyres, tires as well as other material are still really hard discover in a lot of stores


The wheel that smashed the stranglehold of 26in creates a rather various feel. Because 29er wheels tend to be bigger, they’re generally heavier and more difficult getting moving.

Their size and security does mean it's taken sometime for cycle manufacturers to produce big wheeled bikes manage in a fun method. They’re nevertheless more difficult to hustle on truly tight twisty or leap and pump trails compared to smaller wheels. it is additionally harder in order to make big wheels and little frames or lengthy travel suspension system fit collectively also. Crucially, because they’re less quick get started and their smoothness dulls the feeling of speed they often times feel a great deal reduced than they really tend to be. Add occasionally awkward looks and it’s easy to see why 29ers took a bit to capture in.

When rolling though 29er tyres hit stones and origins at a shallower position along with more energy so they really roll-over the most notable much easier. The longer contact plot implies any given tyre grips better or you can run slicker, speedier plastic without sliding. Add their normal additional security and they’re ideal for running directly through trouble at high-speed.

There’s a full number of different styles of 29er bicycles available now also, although the majority are nevertheless centered on the cross-country and trail groups.

  • Smoother, grippier and much more stable for better control on rough terrain
  • Reduced to have moving but hold their particular rate better once rolling
  • Feel uncomfortable on stronger, reduced tracks and harder to sync with lengthy suspension system or brief cyclists

How to choose the best wheel dimensions available

Where do you realy match this three ring circus and which diameter is dialled for the cycling?

The biggest question right now is whether or not it is really worth buying an innovative new 26in wheeled bicycle. The short answer is as long as you desperately need an innovative new downhill cycle. The smallest wheel dimensions are nonetheless the best where strength matters many although a number of businesses tend to be trying out 650b downhill bicycles and equipment they’re nonetheless mainly at model phase.

You’ll also battle to find 650b or 29er bikes for really spending plan costs also, although which may change whenever 2015 bikes are released.

[VIDEO] - How To Win A Downhill Race With A 29er Bike
[VIDEO] - How To Win A Downhill Race With A 29er Bike
Trek 29er local mountain bike downhill run
Trek 29er local mountain bike downhill run
Mountain Bike 29er allmountain upHILL downHILL MTB
Mountain Bike 29er allmountain upHILL downHILL MTB
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