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Downhill Mountain Bike Frames for Sale

Created especially for the rigors of downhill race, these frames boast at the very least 8-inches of travel, have big back hubs and so are intended for usage with a chainguide and double top fork to hold things going as fast as possible over rough landscapes. Along side being meant for use with downhill specific elements, these frames' suspension system technology, geometry and weight make a big difference between how the bicycle will handle.


Downhill structures can be classified in line with the suspension system type they use, each with its very own particularities. You will find three standard kinds of back suspension system: four bar linkage, single pivot and multi-link styles. Four bar linkage styles have a pivot in the chainstay in addition to shock is bolted toward framework at one end. Single pivot suspension system designs permit the rear wheel to pivot around an individual point-on the frame. Multi-link or virtual pivot designs use a rigid back triangle that is connected to the frame and shock by two links, allowing for a variable axle road and separation of pedaling causes. Regardless of kind, modern-day downhill bikes all perform very well. The experience of every design, but is fairly various and every rider could have his / her very own choice.


The most typical option to size a downhill bicycle could be the horizontal distance between the center associated with the mind tube additionally the center for the chair pipe. This measure is named 'effective top pipe length' and often 'horizontal top pipe size'. The taller you are, the longer the top tube you will need. As a whole, cyclists a lot more than 5'11" high ride large downhill structures.

Most manufacturers supply recommended sizing maps, and because designs vary plenty between groups, we advice seeking the chart certain towards cycle you're interested in. It is vital to keep in mind that everyone has different riding tastes, so it's better to try out many different sizes before you make one last choice.

General Downhill MTB Size Chart
Bike Size Little Moderate Large Immense
Rider Height 5'7"-6' 5'11"-6'4" 6'3"


The overall feel of a bike is essentially dependent on just what material(s) the framework is constructed of, and this is an important consideration.

Aluminum - Aluminum is light, rigid, and inexpensive, which makes it many popular framework material. Because it is so stiff, aluminum bicycles are described as a slightly rougher ride than those created from chromoly or titanium.

Carbon Fiber - Carbon fibre is actually very slim strands of carbon which can be twisted and woven together, like fabric. Which will make carbon fibre accept a permanent shape, it can be layered over a mold, then coated with a stiff resin or plastic. It's one of the lightest materials and it is commonly used for high-end cross-country and all-mountain bikes. Now it has discovered its way into some downhill and freeride structures. Because carbon technology is advancing quickly, prices are being lowered and durability is increasing.

Chromoly metal - Chromoly (a metal alloy) is lighter than high-tensile metal, strong, receptive, and provides a comparatively flexible trip. But is heaver than aluminum, carbon, and titanium.

Information Combinations - If a-frame is constructed of more than one material, it is usually carbon fibre and a material - either steel, aluminum, or titanium. Content combinations are not typical, but building various parts of a frame from various products is (ie - a carbon fibre front triangle with an aluminum swingarm). A-frame made from several material will offer much better tightness, conformity, or damping in particular areas.

Things To Search For

While shopping for a brand new downhill frame, the first thing to consider can be your riding design. Needless to say, all riders have a unique method of piloting their particular bicycles downhill. Some choose to stay close to the floor, pumping and pedaling whenever feasible, others take to the air at every readily available chance and many fall someplace in between. More conventional cyclists may like a-frame with a lengthier wheelbase and chainstays, as this produces a more steady bike at speed that may hug the ground more easily. If the battle run usually incorporates a small number of bold gaps, and bike-handling is one of your skills, then a bike with short chainstays and loads of room in the cockpit will allow you to get airborne more regularly. Eventually, most bicycles could be arranged for biking design through modern suspension technology's tuneability, therefore do not feel also constrained by readily available geometries.

How Much To Blow

Dedicated downhill frames range in price from $1700 to over $4000.

Models in the $1700- $2500 range are aluminum styles designed for the weekend warrior seeking worth and durability versus ultimate performance. These designs make use of simple suspension designs like a four bar linkage or single pivot, come with shocks that have limited adjustability and have a little much more forgiving geometries.

Frames $2500-$3300 range provide same geometry and shock options as the more expensive versions, but use aluminum tubing. This cost range is good for experienced bikers seeking to stay competitive or younger shredders who wish to step up their online game.

Finally, downhill structures costing over $3300 are top quality bikes, made of either aluminum or carbon dietary fiber. These structures will match the needs quite competitive racers.

Specialized mountain bike for sale - Model FSR
Specialized mountain bike for sale - Model FSR
Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking
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