A tandem bicycle downhill

Bicycle downhill


Journey Description

Pedal. Coast. Marvel.
Join us because of this exhilarating half-day trip in the stunning Waimea Canyon that is all downhill and totally uplifting. Saddle up-and give your pedals a few cranks, we will start at 3, 600 legs after which it really is a secure ride right down to sea-level, preventing to marvel during the dramatic canyon cliffs and dazzling Pacific. Absolutely a views you can get, without even breaking a sweat.

Book over 1 week
beforehand and save.

Enjoy refreshments and information regarding the interesting tradition, record and folklore of Kauai. Think of it as kind of like a nature walk, but on a bike. It is an adventure you will constantly think about as uplifting though it's downhill.

You can find morning and afternoon trips every day.

The bikes offered are excellent single-speed cruisers with large, comfortable saddles, hi-rise handlebars, disc brake system- fun and simple to drive.

Contact us today for the thrill of a lifetime.


Cancellation Policy

24-hour notice is necessary for cancellation, 72 hours for groups of six or more people. 100percent penalty cost purely enforced.

When you should Check-In & Tour Schedule

Kindly check-in at Outfitters Kauai in Poipu.

When it comes to very early bird trip check-in has reached 6:00 am and return has reached 10:30 am. For afternoon trip check-in are at 2:30 pm and return is at 7:00 pm.

Kindly call 48 hours before your tour to confirm your reservation and deviation time.

Food & Drink

The first bird tour includes fresh-brewed Kauai Coffee and blueberry muffins hot out from the oven as we ride up in our van.

Regarding the mid-day trip we provide cold soft drinks, spring liquid and Hanalima Bakery Cookies.

What To Wear & Bring

We recommend you clothe themselves in levels. You are able to remove levels at rest stops as it warms through to the way down. Bring a windbreaker or light rain coating, shoes with shut toes (not sandals), and glasses.

Charges For This Tour

$108 per individual plus tax for adults

$88 per plus tax for kids centuries 12-14 many years

(guide gratuity perhaps not included)

Restrictions With This Tour

All members must possess basic bike operating abilities. For protection reasons, no cyclists under 12 years of age, or anyone weighing over 260 pounds, please.

Cyclists should be high enough to safely ride a regular cruiser bike with 26 inch tires. Step-through design structures with a standover height of 23.5 inches can be obtained. The bicycles are at our store- end in by if you'd like to own a look.
Bicycle downhill from Sitno - part 5
Bicycle downhill from Sitno - part 5
Longest Bicycle Downhill
Longest Bicycle Downhill
Downhill Bicycle Brake FAIL
Downhill Bicycle Brake FAIL
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