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Bicycle Racing categories

The (UCI), society's governing body in the recreation of bike race, classifies events according to a score scale.

The rating is represented by a code manufactured from 2 or 3 components and suggests both the type or design of race (the first component), as well as its value or trouble (the 2nd and third parts). The very first part can be an integer or an abbreviation, and 2nd part, whenever present, usually are integers. Both parts are separated by an interval or decimal point ().

Path racing[edit]

The first part of the codes to speed a road battle is '1' for a one-day battle, and '2' for a multi-day (stage) race. They truly are divided from second part of the category, the position, by a decimal point. 'HC' (beyond categorization, from French hors catégorie) may be the highest ranking group, followed by '1' then '2'. Like, a race ranked 1.1 means a one-day, group 1 competition.

Code tables[edit]

Code Indicating
JO Olympic Games (Jeux Olympiques)
CM World Championships (Championnat Mondial)
CDM World Cup (Coupe du Monde)
CN National Championships (Championnats Nationaux)
CC Continental Championships (Championnats Continentaux)
CMM World Masters Championships (Championnats du Monde Masters)
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Road Race Fixed gear vs Geared Happy 10 speed bike bicycle
Road Race Fixed gear vs Geared Happy 10 speed bike bicycle ...
skoda bicycle racing team winter suit wear china
skoda bicycle racing team winter suit wear china ...
km/h bicycle racing Ferrari F430
333km/h bicycle racing Ferrari F430
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