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Most expensive downhill Mountain bike

Would you spend $500, 000 on a bike? Here's probably the most insanely expensive hill bicycles on the planet.

Looking for a brand new hill bicycle? Searching for some determination? Well, search no further. When you yourself have unlimited budget, we've several fantastically costly suggestions only for you.

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The Solid Gold Bike

House of Solid Gold 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike
Cost: $500, 000

A 24k solid gold framework? Examine. 600 black diamonds? Examine. 500 fantastic sapphires? Check. An alligator epidermis saddle? Examine. It’s authoritative, this fat cycle ticks all of the boxes.

And at 0, 000 we reckon it is rather the bargain. Who doesn’t have actually half a million dollar bills only dangling planning to devote to a bike? All but 13 people in the world evidently. That’s right, demand stopped just 13 the solid-gold fat bicycle so do not expect you'll view it at your local trail centre any time in the future.

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M55 Bike
Cost: from $35, 200

Made with Formula One technology, the M55 seems like a prop in a sci-fi movie.

Built with an aluminum framework, the cycle has environment shocks in the back and Brembo drifting disc brake system front and back (that’s the Formula One little bit).

Unlike many e-bikes whose rate is capped at 15mph, the M55 can attain rates of 42mph and contains a rotation sensor which detects once the driver is within need of some additional shove through the electric engine.

Starting at , 200, the brand assure united states it is worth it: “It is a conversation piece you will never get bored stiff of. No Matter Whether you ride it on a daily basis or simply show it on the boat as some art.”

Santa Cruz V10

Santa Cruz V10 Carbon CC X01
Price: £9, 299

This bike is a typical on podiums around the globe. It really is a lean, mean racing machine.

While you would anticipate from Santa Cruz, the eye to information is second to none to make sure you have the best trip feasible.

The bicycle even has actually flexible geometry which may be set-to your own private choices and suitable for your overall surface. Weight cost savings have now been used throughout, from framework to your wheels. But there is no compromise is made with regards to energy or stiffness.

We reckon the one and only thing standing our method of which makes it as a pro rider may be the cash to buy this cycle. It's all about the equipment rather than the workman, right?!

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Extreme Carbine

Intense Carbine Factory 29er
Cost: £8, 999

No expense is spared with regards to this Enduro machine. The extremely light yet intense frame features was able to keep a remarkable degree of energy and rigidity.

While you would expect from the price tag, the bike is finished to a high-spec throughout. Carbon rims, top quality suspension system and a SRAM XX1 1x11-speed drivetrain complete the image. Moreover, the bike can also be equipped with the necessary dropper seatpost as standard.

Budnitz FTB

Budnitz FTB
From $7, 800

This bike seems pretty darn slick. But is it well worth the significant price? Well the website does declare that “this is probably the many fun you could have on two tires.” We’re offered!

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