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Introduction to, & bike Racing -

Bicycle rushing is a thrilling and difficult control, incorporating power, physical fitness, control, strategy, precision, stamina and guts. The activity divides roughly into three categories; road races, track races and off-road events. There are certain different events within each group. Events/races may split by age and capability; age categories are usually Juniors (A - age 17-18, B - age 15-16, C - age 13-14 and D - age 12 and under), Seniors, and Masters (30 and over). Seniors competition in ability groups. Category 1 is set aside for elite cyclists, with nationwide caliber experience. Category 5 for men and Category 4 for women would be the beginner categories. Masters activities can certainly be split by age and ability.

Path activities take place on paved roadways. They can be metropolitan or outlying setting, or a mixture of both. The geography ranges from level to mountainous, producing occasions with numerous personality. It is classic bike racing and events can be held on every continent.

  • Road Race - they're mass-start events held on open roads. Racers ride in groups or ‘pelotons’, part at large rates, just take turns ‘pulling’ at the front end of speed lines, and select tactical spots to try and break away. The very first rider across the finishing line is the champion. This course are from point to point, from city to town, or on a circuit (the beginning and finish are in the exact same location.) Often the course is closed to traffic in the area associated with race. Path events can be to several hundred kilometers long (over 100 miles.)
  • Criterium - A criterium is a brief road competition on a circuit – frequently city roads – sealed to traffic. The distance per lap may vary from 1/2km to 3km (1/3 mile to 2 miles). Races are of different amounts of laps. The size start, high-speed cornering and sprinting make criterium exciting for participants and spectators alike. Because criterium pass the exact same point each lap these are typically much better spectator events than roadway events.
  • Hill Climb - During a mountain climb, riders race towards a finishing line that's higher than the beginning line. These occasions could be individual (time trial) or large-scale start.
  • Time Trail...
11 March 2012 - Jersey Bicycle Road Race - Hougue Bie
11 March 2012 - Jersey Bicycle Road Race - Hougue Bie ...
SUZUKA 6h bicycle road race
SUZUKA 6h bicycle road race
(Cat 5 Road Bicycle Race # 1 Full Front View) 2012 Hill
(Cat 5 Road Bicycle Race # 1 Full Front View) 2012 Hill ...
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