Rome Sports and Outdoor Activities

Because the Italian capital, Rome includes some excellent sports facilities and arenas. The Stadio Olimpico (Olympic Stadium) can serve as the city's largest and many important sports facility. Carrying around the Summer time Olympics of 1960, this giant stadium was built-in 1928 and boasts a general capacity now topping 80,000 spectators.

The Stadio Olimpico is principally utilized as a location for football matches, even though it does also stage some Italian national rugby union games, athletics titles as well as the periodic pop concert. This stadium is really area of the Foro Italico sports complex, that also comprises both Stadio del Nuoto and also the Stadio dei Marmi. Also worth mentioning may be the Stadio Flaminio, that is on the north-gulf of Rome and it is the homeground from the Atletico Roma FC.

Equilibrio e Benessere

Il FREETIME Sporting Club - Calisthenics Roma -nasce come Centro Sportivo per tutti dalle famiglie, ai single, ai giovanissimi, giovani e meno giovani; propone una ampia rosa di attività ludiche e sportive tra le quali scegliere e frequentare quella più adeguata alle proprie esigenze. Adatto a chi ha voglia di allenarsi poco, molto o moltissimo.



A terrific way to begin to see the wonderful sights of Rome is as simple as bicycle and with lots of appropriate routes, this can be a popular pastime, specially when visitors are light. There are lots of cycle routes, including one which starts close to the Vatican, travels north towards the Foro Italico after which across the 4 mile / 7 km path near the River Tiber. There's a range of bicycle rental shops with huge discounts and rates usually include helmet, padlock along with a free map from the city.


La Piscina delle Rose is an extremely popular, outside pool filled with sun lounges, that's frequented by locals and vacationers. There's also numerous pools that are members of hotels and permit non-residents to make use of their outside and indoor facilities, but rates are usually fairly high.


Every May Rome hosts an italian man , Open tennis tournament, that has become probably the most important European clay court tournaments outdoors the Grand Slam. Both women and men compete within this popular event, before large crowds.

There's an enormous sports complex within the Foro Italico that has excellent tennis facilities and is stuffed with giant marble statues of Roman athletes. This vast building can be found at the Stadio Olimpico. There's also several friendly tennis clubs which are available to non-people.


Although golf is recognized as a rather elitist sport in Rome, it's presently gaining recognition throughout Italia. At many clubs, non-people are welcome, but membership cards of home golf equipment should be proven, along with evidence of handicap, prior to being permitted to experience. Charges are often with different day's play, instead of per round, which is not normally essential to be created by an associate.


Fitness centres and saunas are all around within this capital and lots of likewise incorporate squash courts, aerobic courses, massage, sun beds and pools. Rome's largest fitness center may be the Roman Sport Center, located in the Rental property Borghese, an amiable complex which welcomes non-people.

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