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Bicycle Racing Association

The objective of OBRA should promote and develop the game of bike rushing in Oregon by providing the tools and resources necessary for competition.


The Oregon bike Racing Association (OBRA) ended up being started in the late 1970s. Called the Oregon Cycling Association (OCA), it was then the district association of USCF groups. The name ended up being changed on Oregon Bicycle Racing Association a long period later on in order to prevent confusion using the governmental group, the Oregon Citizens Alliance that was getting much bad media attention.

There is not much activity when it comes to first couple of years after OCA ended up being formed. Whenever Steve Scarich became the District Representative he forced to improve the strength of the company. Organization was improved and a system of collecting costs from events was set up. Many years later on Mike Murray was elected into board. Murray desired more race in Oregon so he switched the focus regarding the team toward making it simpler to produce high quality occasions. He purchased traffic signs, photo-finish equipment, PA systems, CB radios plus.

Separation from USCF

Dissatisfaction with all the usa Cycling Federation emerged on slowly and climaxed in December 1998 once the USCF fired all Regional Representatives in favor of a plan to make use of 10 folks nationwide to program the membership. At this exact same time choices on insurance provided by the nationwide regulating human anatomy became more available and question was asked, 'what exactly is OBRA getting back when it comes to bucks that are provided for Colorado Springs?' A yearly membership ranged from $35 to $50 after which the charge for insurance was about two times the thing that was available commercially. OBRA leadership figured that Oregon alone ended up being giving about $200, 000 yearly to USAC in USCF and NORBA account charges and race permits and surcharges. In trade OBRA received bit in the way of services and soon their regional representation will be eliminated. Whenever American Cycling doubled the license charges for weekend time sets events, OBRA management delivered an email to Colorado Springs that Oregon series promoters would elect to insure with an insurance plan purchased by OBRA and forgo USCF sanctioning. Letters were provided for every USAC board manager and staff member describing the reason why OBRA were doing this and further describing that it was most likely that most Oregon events would do that unless USAC made changes to handle problems throughout the diminishing level of service. Only one response from USAC had been received.

Within the fall of 1998 there was clearly a vote of member groups that has been unanimous your OBRA insurance policy would be offered by all activities.


OBRA account features swelled into the highest amounts previously whenever David Beede contacted OBRA about branching away into hill cycle rushing. The dissatisfaction among NORBA users ended up being sustained than that from the road/track part. A year ago these people were in a position to arrange a race series between the hill bike events and included all of them to OBRAs mail network. It has given all of them a voice they own maybe not experienced before.

Today other states have used their lead. United states bike Racing (ABR) in the Midwest, bike Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC - which has now changed its title to United states Cycling Association) represent Colorado, Arizona, brand new Mexico, Tx and elements of Tx and North California/Nevada Cycling Association (NCNCA) have all created a coalition of association- Federation of Independent Cycling Associations (FIAC). OBRA has begun incorporation proceedings and generally are working toward a shared rulebook and driver reciprocity. The OBRA 2000 calendar has over 200 times of racing, providing discounted account to juniors and highly suggest that the competition organizers decrease entry fees for the people under 18. The greatest all-round competitors has broadened to identify the outstanding activities in each discipline and new for 2000 OBRA tend to be hosting an Oregon Cup.


This short article is outdated. Please improvement this informative article to mirror recent activities or recently readily available information.

In accordance with OBRA data, account is continuing to grow significantly since 2000.

  • 2000- 1738 users
  • 2001- 1741 users
  • 2002- 1978 users
  • 2003- 2335 people
  • 2004- 2760 users
  • 2005- 2828 people
  • 2006- 3296 members, 1014 1-day subscriptions

According to Velonews (2006)

  • Oregon ended up being placed #2 into the wide range of cycling occasions, only 8 races behind Ca.
  • Oregon ended up being ranked #3 when you look at the quantity of amateur racers, behind just Ca and Colorado.
  • Oregon had been placed # 1 in terms of the portion of bikers vs. condition population with Colorado to arrive over 50% low in 2nd place.


The Oregon Bicycle Racing Association is an Oregon Non income Corporation that includes its Constitution and Bylaws on file because of the State of Oregon. Business and affairs of OBRA tend to be managed by its Board of administrators. You will find six people in the Board of Directors. Each manager is elected to a three-year term by a lot of club representatives at an annual meeting. Two administrators are chosen each year.

You can find four compensated opportunities:

  • Executive Director
  • Webmaster
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Gear Management

Types of rushing

OBRA sanctions occasions for six cycling procedures. They are road, track, criterium, time trial, cyclo-cross, in addition to hill bike procedures of cross-country, downhill and super-d.


OBRA preserves a reciprocity arrangement with Federation of Independent Associations of Cycling (FIAC), United States Cycling Association (USAC) as well as other organizations. These agreements include honoring of subscriptions and/or suspensions, cooperation and production of programs.


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