Why Take a Maui Downhill Bike

Maui downhill bike

• A round-trip transfer from your resort or accommodation, drive-in recommended.
• Enjoy hot drinks and treats.
• entry fee into the Haleakala nationwide Park is included inside trip.
• You will definitely see sunrise from above the clouds and see the magnificent Haleakala Crater from atop 10, 000′ elevation.
• You will learn concerning the history of Haleakala, go to the Silversword flowers, local endangered species and birds which have made Haleakala their particular permanent house.
• Tour Guides will go over a thorough safety briefing including Hawaii’s bike security regulations and trip guidelines.
• Your bike safari starts at 6500′ elevation of Mount Haleakala, beyond your park, for which you will carefully descend the 21 switchbacks regarding western slopes of the worlds largest resting volcano with only 200 yards of pedaling.
• you will have photo prevents along your journey to collect Maui’s magical moments.
• Bike to Skyline Eco-Adventures Zipline adventure to begin your Zipline Adventure
• Tour duration more or less 8-9 hours.

Here are some instructions and tips if your wanting to log in to Bike N'Zip trip:

• Wear warm clothes in levels.
• Competent riders - please, no novices.
• Minimum 12 years of age and bikers needs to be between 80 to 250 lbs.
• 5 legs high guideline height for Bike trip portion.
• Wear close-toed rubber-soled footwear.
• No Riders may participate with diseases that will negatively effect all of them within task.
• capable hike 1/2 mile at elevation or over uneven areas for the Zipline Eco Adventure.
• free from chronic heart related illnesses
• haven't been scuba within 24 hrs.
• bikers must signal acknowledgement of danger & protection form for Maui Downhill and Skyline Eco-Adventures.
• consumers with serious neck, right back, or shared injuries or chronic heart disease should utilize their particular discretion about their particular abilities to properly be involved in this task. It's STRONGLY ADVISED that anyone with who's had present surgery, specifically on ankles, legs or their back, maybe not participate in this trip. Although we you will need to always make clients comfortable both literally and mentally, a point of effect on joints or some degree of customer anxiety about zipping is inevitable.

If you have chose to cancel your booking or want to re-schedule, please call our 24 hours bookings 1-800-535-BIKE or our neighborhood workplace at 808-871-2155.

• All trip cancellations needs to be made 5-days before the tour day.
• Any cancellation within a 5-day period of the scheduled tour date, is subject to a $50 cancellation charge per person.
• You may re-schedule predicated on access, 48-hours notice is required.
• Tours cancelled within 24 hours from scheduled trip day will result in a complete CHARGE.
• No reimbursement are going to be issued in the event that you cancel a re-scheduled trip.
• you will see 100per cent charge for No Show (unless you appear for the scheduled tour, no refund may be granted).

Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride Maui Hawaii
Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride Maui Hawaii
Maui Downhill Bike Ride
Maui Downhill Bike Ride
Mountain bike downhill in Lahaina, Maui
Mountain bike downhill in Lahaina, Maui
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