2004 Turner DHR

Turner downhill bike

is an United states bicycle frame manufacturer, based in Murrieta, California, specializing in full suspension system hill bikes. Turner Bikes was founded in 1994 by David Turner, a former professional mountain bike rider who had ridden for amongst others, the Marin and Mongoose teams. Turner had additionally had worked with Horst Leitner at AMP analysis whilst Horst created the Horst connect suspension system design.

Turner Bicycles have actually built a track record of good customer service, along with bicycle structures with good toughness and operating qualities. These characteristics have actually resulted in a top degree of success in the competitive biking arena and a solid buyer following.


  • David Turner starts designing their own bicycles.


  • Operating one of his true own designs, Turner events and wins the Mammoth Mountain Timeless Kamikaze brands Cup downhill battle.


  • 1st 150 production Turner hill bike structures had been built by Ventana Mountain Bikes American. These bicycles were understood just as “the Turner bike” until reviewed because of the magazine “Mountain Bike Action”, in which the mag dubbed it the “Turner Burner”. The “Turner Burner” title is placed on lots of Turner’s future designs. The Burner has 2.75” inches rear suspension system vacation with a down slope competition alternative of 3.6 ins.


  • To meet up need for Turner’s frames manufacturing is completed by FTW production regarding Arizona.


  • Production moved to Sportech. With this particular move arrived a few improvements toward design of this Burner, including an individual machined block to support the base bracket, back surprise mount and chainstay swing-arm pivot.
  • The Turner Afterburner begins production; it is Turner’s first downhill specific framework, has actually 3.6” of back wheel vacation and it is identified by the huge plate gussets on the front side.


  • Turner’s one-off tandem the “Twin Burner” produced.
  • Showing the quick improvement in mountain cycling the Afterburner, is re-designed to own 6” of rear wheel travel and there are now big holes inside plate gussets.
  • Thomas Misser operating a Kona stickered Turner Afterburner achieves several gains and podium locations in UCI World Cup events. A restricted range Turner Afterburners had been offered by Kona as “ Misser replicas”.


  • The Turner range expands to four models once the Burner XC and Afterburner are joined with all the Turner Stinger (cross country racer) together with Turner RFX (freeride bicycle).


  • The Stinger design using its proprietary pull surprise is licensed to K2 and produced while the “K2 Razorback".
  • The Burner is replaced by a lighter weight Turner O2 and also the beefier Turner XCE.


  • Turner DH Javelin renamed Turner DH Racer (DHR.) It has enhanced machining towards rear-end.


  • The RFX is enhanced together with travel increased to 150mm
  • Leading triangle associated with DHR get its one piece shock mount


  • Turner 5-spot is introduced. It shortly becomes Turner’s top selling frame currently.
  • The DHR gets its make-over: A 12mm tail and linkage is modified offering the bike even more travel.
  • Eric Carter debuts his custom 'Mongoose Stickered' DHR and takes the NORBA nationwide Downhill Championship name. Eric then rides their customized 'one-off' DHR/Rail combination on UCI World Cup 4-cross Champion Gold Medal then additionally the NORBA nationwide Mountain-cross Series Championship name.
  • Manufacturing moved to SAPA who manufactures the whole Turner range with in both home tubesets and US made tubesets sourced externally.


  • Geoff Kabush rides their Turner Nitrous to NORBA titles both in the Elite Men’s XC additionally the Quick Track.
  • Eric Carter rides his customized 'Mongoose' Turner to the UCI World Cup 4-cross Champion Gold Medal and additionally the NORBA National Mountain-cross Series Championship subject.
  • The Turner DHR is renovated with 8.5” of vacation, 20mm dropouts regarding the back with a 12mm axle, and a 1.5" headtube. Gone are the "classic" twin toptube and rounded downtube is changed with field section tubing
  • The Turner Burner wins "the most effective Full-Suspension XC Bike of the year" Riders Award on mtbr.com.
  • The Turner 5.Spot wins "top Full-Suspension Freeride bicycle of the year" Riders Award on mtbr.com.
  • A year ago of this 3.5" Burner model.


  • Turner drops the Romic surprise on DHR. It is become changed with the Fox DHX with a remote reservoir
  • Geoff Kabush wins NORBA championships both in the Elite Men’s XC and the Quick Track, once more on a Turner Nitrous.
  • Eric Delsouiller wins FFC French National championships inside Veteran DH (over 40) on a Turner DHR.
  • The Turner Flux replaces the Turner Burner to fill the 4-inch x-country slot


  • Mentioning increasingly hard relationship aided by the license holders, Turner abandons making use of the Horst connect on his designs. Turner adopts an identical seat stay solitary pivot design with positive feedback from the cycling community. It really is dubbed the TNT.
  • Geoff Kabush breaks all-time NORBA brief track win record and takes Championship.
  • The Turner Sultan, Turner’s first 29-inch wheel mountain bike debuts at Interbike 06.


  • Eric Delsouiller takes the downhill bronze medal at UCI World Championships MTB Masters in Pra Loup when you look at the 45-49 course on a Turner DHR.


  • Eric Delsouiller downhill GOLD medalist at UCI World Championships MTB Masters in Pra Loup when you look at the 50-54 course on a Turner DHR.
  • The Turner Flux wins "best Full-Suspension XC Bike of the year" Riders Award on mtbr.com.
  • The Turner Sultan wins "best Full-Suspension 29er of the year" Riders Award on mtbr.com.
  • After over a year of design collaboration with David Weagle, David Turner announces your 2009 models will all feature the DW-Link rear linkage. The TNT linkage won't be offered.


  • Turner dw-link 2009 models strike the shops.
  • Womans Pro French Rider, Emmeline Ragot is the 2009 UCI World Downhill Champion on a Turner DHR.


  • Turner dw-link DHR recalled due to go tube cracking and remade with brand-new head tube gusset.
2011 Downieville Downhill - Anthony Diaz - Turner Bikes 2/3
2011 Downieville Downhill - Anthony Diaz - Turner Bikes 2/3
crystalyte hs3540 @ 92v 50a + turner dhr downhill bike
crystalyte hs3540 @ 92v 50a + turner dhr downhill bike
2011 Downieville Downhill - Anthony Diaz - Turner Bikes 1/3
2011 Downieville Downhill - Anthony Diaz - Turner Bikes 1/3
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