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Downhill Mountain Bike Helmets Sale

Whether you need a full face hill cycle helmet is dependent on the sort of biking you’ll be performing. The risk of damage is inherent in hill biking, particularly in downhill mtb or almost any biking for which you’re going to be airborne (or looking to get atmosphere). Choose a mountain bicycle complete face helmet if you anticipate performing any riding with increased likelihood of crashing (perhaps the most readily useful riders can and can crash). And select full face mountain bike helmets if you prefer the styling, level of defense, or other functions. Keep in mind that helmets are necessary in competitions; the sponsoring organization will stipulate into the guidelines if a complete face downhill hill bicycle helmet must be used.

What makes a full face hill bike helmet various?

a mountain bike complete face helmet differs off their bike helmets in some unique ways.
  • First off is the obvious; your chin, jaw, and lips tend to be covered. This shields the reduced 1 / 2 of that person from traveling rocks, limbs, along with other debris and, more to the point, protects your face and jaw in case of a collision or fall.
  • Full face downhill mountain cycle helmets additionally usually cover more of the rear of your head than other mountain cycling helmets, which can be helpful in the function of a backward fall.
  • Fundamentally, complete face mountain cycling helmets tend to be weightier than other bike helmets, although advances in products technology has taken straight down how much they weigh (and value).
  • Regular hill cycle helmets routinely have much more venting than full face hill cycle helmets, which depend on passive as-you-go ventilation to move atmosphere through helmet.
  • Complete face hill bike helmets have movable visors to aid shield your eyes plus the upper percentage of the face.
  • XSportsProtective staff selections for complete face mountain cycle helmets

  • We prefer to newly updated Giro Cipher full face hill bicycle helmet. The Cipher provides protection in addition to enhanced features without an upgraded price tag. A number of the Giro Cipher complete face mountain bicycle helmet features feature:
  • Fiberglass exterior hardshell and EPS foam liner
  • Channeled air flow at eyebrow range
  • Incorporated POV mount for a GoPro (camera not included)
  • X-Static® anti-microbial padding, typical of even more high-end complete face helmets, now offers odor defense
  • No-tool, easy-adjust, bolt-on visor
  • We in addition such as the Fox Rampage complete face helmet, that is great for freestyle, downhill, or BMX. The Fox Rampage has actually a ventilated fiberglass layer over EPS difficult foam and features soft cheek pads, artificial suede liner, and a double D-ring chinstrap.
  • At a slightly lower price point, the SixSixOne Comp complete face hill cycle helmet is hard to beat for the price. It offers equal components convenience and security for both beginner and higher level riders. The difficult, poly-carbonate outside shell functions a full-view eye port designed to give optimum peripheral vision and enable any goggles to suit without interference.
    helmet cam downhill mountain bike video zach
    helmet cam downhill mountain bike video zach
    2013 Downhill mountain bike world cup helmet cam from Fort
    2013 Downhill mountain bike world cup helmet cam from Fort ...
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