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GT5 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Slant Head Bicycle Motor Kit - Description

New Raw Racer motor

Gas operated products are NOT compliant with ecological cover Agency ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) the use on/off Public roadways. Upon purchase, the client agrees to utilize products for racing (closed-course competition) only and never for on/off community roadways.

These GT5 professional Racing 66cc bike motor kits give 3.0 HP “the small powerhouse engine of industry.”

3.0 HP 2 pattern gas/oil mix bike engine kits. GT5 professional rushing 66cc/80cc Bike Motor system: 1/2 gal. gas tank, sequence and sprocket, handlebar controls, mounting hardware bundle and instruction sheet. Total wt. is 24 to 27 pounds.

Beginning your GT5 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc bicycle engine system (Standard Finish)Motorized bike: Pedal generally or make use of engine power at your option. The engine starts rapidly whenever handlebar clutch lever is released while pedaling. Twisting the throttle controls the rate to 35 miles per hour. Speed is based on rear sprocket proportion and weight of driver.

GT5 professional Racing 66cc/80cc bicycle engine Kit (Standard Finish) meets best on bicycles with 25 to 30mm diameter 70 degree Vee kind frames but could be put in on larger diameter tube frames with alterations. “Looks Cool” in the older cruiser kind coaster braking system bikes.
This bicycle engine system comes with everything that you may need except fuel and oil! It is possible to get rid of or start the motor while you ride. There is no rope pulling required therefore provides even more rate and gets around 150 kilometers on a gallon of gasoline. Kindly inform a pal concerning this item which help distribute the phrase about motorized cycle.

How are angle fire slant mind engines different? The spark plug at the very top reaches a 45 level angle as opposed to straight up. Thus giving the engine greater compression and results in a supplementary 3 MPH.
Get the GT5 Pro rushing 66cc/80cc Slant Head bicycle Motor system (Standard Finish) today while products final at this cost.

  1. GT5 Pro Racing 66cc/80cc Slant Head Bicycle Motor Kit (Standard Finish)
  2. comes with Rushing CNC Cylinder Head. $90 Value!
  3. 3.0 HP. - Speed is based on back sprocket ratio and weight of driver, fat of bike, the environment and also the surface being ridden.
  4. Traditional System Finish
  5. Friction Clutch, Pedal Start
  6. Magneto With Solid State Brand New Design Capacitive Discharge (CD) Ignition
  7. 2 pattern air-cooled gasoline / oil blend engine.
  8. 44-Tooth, 9 Hole Chrome Sprocket
  9. 3 Plate Sprocket Kit
  10. 2.0 Liter/0.66 Gallon Gas Tank, Tear Drop Shape (Ebony Colors)
  11. Chrome Muffler
  12. Push-button Clutch Lever And Cable
  13. Twist Throttle With System Eliminate Switch
  14. Gas Line
  15. Improved Petrol Valve
  16. Drive Chain Idler
  17. Improved NT Carburetor
  18. Chrome Lined Cylinder Wall
  19. Head With Center-fire Spark Plug
  20. 202 Crankcase Bearings
  21. Needle Bearings On Piston Wrist Pin
  22. 415 High Quality Chain
  23. Chain Shield
  24. Steel Tube Intake
  25. Fuel Filter
  26. Tool System
  27. Universal Motor Mount
  28. All Of The Mounting Brackets, Gaskets, And Equipment Including Nylon Locking Nuts
  29. 6-Month Limited Warranty Included - FREE
  30. Free technical support within one (1) week after receiving the system
  31. Extra Traditional Slant Cylinder Head

GT5 66cc Slant Head (Standard Finish) Bicycle Engine Kit FAQs:

  • Concern: just how much fat will this motor kit enhance a bike?
  • Answer: The 48cc, 66cc/80cc motor kits will add 24 pounds to your bike. The 49cc engine system will include 31 pounds to your cycle. Note: We advise a 26" Men's standard V framework bicycle.
  • Question: just what fuel do I use because of this motor system?
  • Solution: This 2 stroke stroke engine kit needs a gas and oil combination below:

    Whenever brand new: 16 to 1 (8oz every Gallon)
    After 2 Tanks Of Break In: 32 to 1 (4oz per Gallon)

    You ought to get 100-150 kilometers per gallon and achieve 20-40 MPH dependent on weather, altitude, bicycle body weight and driver fat

  • Concern: How can I start and stop my cycle with all the GT2B 48cc?
  • Response: The starting and stopping of this two-stroke engine kits is this:

    You'll nevertheless pedal cycle like typical with clutch lever held in or locked in with key.

    To begin: It's just like riding a bike generally, hold within the clutch and pedal the cycle getting some speed, then launch the clutch to "Jump Start" the motor. Once you know of or remember jump starting a Manual VW Bug this start technique is the identical.

    To cease: whilst engine is running you'll hold when you look at the clutch plus the motor will idle. Drive the Kill turn on the throttle to eliminate the engine. The clutch needs to be held in as soon as the bike is in motion or even the engine could keep running.

Bicycle Needs:

This bicycle motor engine kit meets many Mens 26" and bigger bikes including hill, cruiser, chopper and road bicycles with a V-frame with at the least a 8.5" height approval for the motor. Bigger framework dimensions requires drilling into bicycle framework and make use of of universal face dish.


This 66cc/80cc bicycle motor engine kit is mostly about 8.5" height 7" size 5" width and suits on most standard 26" or 25mm 29mm framework bike framework pipes. Larger frame dimensions calls for drilling into bike framework and make use of the universal face plate. This motor kit only adds about 24 pounds towards bike.

Tips Install 80cc 66cc 48cc 2-Stroke bike motor system

We are able to send to PO BOXES today. For International and Canadian delivery we advise UPS TRADITIONAL. This does not protect Customs Brokerage, Duties, and fees… they're charged towards the consignee on delivery). We have unearthed that this is actually the most affordable solution to deliver bundles Internationally and Canada.

Petrol And Oil Mixture For Fuel Ratio: (Use of a synthetic 2 swing oil is preferred.)

This bike motor engine system is a 2 cycle/2 swing design, therefore, a gasoline/oil combination is important the following:
  • When brand new: 16 to at least one (8oz per Gallon)
  • After 2 Tanks Of break-in: 32 to at least one (4oz per Gallon)
The engine crankshaft bearings are lubricated from the oil into the gasoline combine. An abundant break-in oil mixture guarantees bearings will not stop during motor break-in duration.

Skills And Enjoy:

The client might need some standard equipment skills, resources, and it also takes about around 2-3 hours to install and to do some adjustments and good tuning.

Notices And Disclaimer:

  • We can't guarantee that this kit will match your particular individual bike(s).
  • Operating a cycle, motorized bicycle or bicycle with a bike engine kit set up involves some threat of serious physical injury. Buyer accepts responsibility for any and all car procedure that may trigger personal injury, financial loss, personal distress, other losses, expenses and problems.
  • Seller isn't responsible for accidents and/or damages resulting from running this motorized bike or bike engine kit.
  • Seller is certainly not responsible for abuse for this system or any guarantee after set up.

Disclaimer: Down through the years Asia bike motor factories have always advertised their biggest engine as 80cc therefore we now have listed them the same way on our internet site. But the bore and swing of an 80cc being 47x38mm only equals 66cc. Therefore there's absolutely no such thing as an 80cc bike motor also it certainly doesn't exists therefore we wish to ensure that you know about this.

Our fuel run products are NOT compliant with Environmental coverage department ( E.P.A. ) or California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) the usage on/off Public roads. Upon purchase, the customer agrees to make use of products for racing (closed-course competitors) just and NOT for on/off public roadways.

Ice Racing motorized bicycle
Ice Racing motorized bicycle
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Motor Bicycle Racing at Willow Springs Raceway.
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3-28-15 Grange Midrange Heat #1 Socal Motor Bicycle Racing
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