Despite his injury, Brendan

Scott downhill Mountain bike

The Gstaad Scott UCI Downhill World Cup staff coach inside pits at round three of this series in Leogang, AustriaTeam manager Claudio Caluori takes us on a tour of the team’s World Cup wheels.

The circuit is consistently on the road, with riders, teams and their assistance staff continuously jumping from a single area to another.

A number of the groups involve some pretty impressive cars, tricked completely with all the little luxuries you'll need for a summer traveling. We join Gstaad-Scott staff manager Claudio Caluori for a trip around their race coach.

The Gstaad Scott gap throughout its fame. © Bartek Woliński/Red Bull Information Pool

Before we'd the bus it had been utilized by rock bands for touring

– Claudio Caluori

Team manager Claudio Caluori takes control of the controls on the Gstaad Scott downhill moutain cycling staff coach in Leogang, Austriatoday it is utilized by the Gstaad-Scott Team to move their particular staff, system and supplies worldwide Cup circuit. Touring around with team riders Brendan Fairclough and Neko Mulally is a sports director, a physiotherapist/cook, two mechanics, a videographer and a group supervisor.

Claudio’s is within the driving chair at Gstaad Scott. © Bartek Woliński/Red Bull Content Pool

We drove down here directly from Fort William, myself and Ben (the auto mechanic) alternated using driving. We started Sunday night at 11pm and had been here on Tuesday at 4pm. While one slept, others drove. The constant activity is a bit like being on a boat – but in the twisty hill roadways it really is quite harder to fall asleep!

Uk downhill racer Brendan Fairclough into the Gstaad Scott UCI World Cup group gap location in Leogang, Austria– Claudio Caluori

Scroll below to see the team’s resting quarters.

Brendan, Neko and also the group's physiotherapist stay static in apartments through the rounds, with the rest associated with the staff spending nearly all their particular summertime living on coach.

The crib may be the perfect location to relax. © Bartek Woliński/Red Bull Information Pool

Towed behind the bus in a different trailer could be the team's changing room and storage area. A slight pong of moist kit and rubber fills the atmosphere as you approach the doors. "Don't enter truth be told there, it smells!" warns Claudio.

Explore the lockers (odor free) from the comfort of your display.

Because they'd come directly from Fort William there have been a great amount of extra tyres and parts stockpiled ready for several occasions.

Mud tyres, dried out tyres, different substances for different systems. Offering around 50 extra tyres in stock currently. We'll be returning to base before Lenzerheide so we can restock ahead of the after that round.

The physio bench within the Gstaad-Scott UCI Downhill World Cup group's coach in Leogang, Austria– Claudio Caluori

Caring for Brendan and Neko's bikes are group mechanics Ben Vergnaud and Logan Mulally. Vergnaud doubles up once the primary bus driver and Mulally (Neko's younger sibling) spanners helping down all over pits.

Christine Gegeckas could be the team's physiotherapist and cook – if you can smell apple pie wafting all over pits, it's almost certainly from the Gstaad-Scott coach.

Christine takes care of us so we don't have to bother about meals. Otherwise I just consume material natural, as I'm also lazy for preparing

Relaxing after a tough time regarding the seat. © Bartek Woliński/Red Bull Information Pool

Any Person fancy a bite to eat? © Bartek Woliński/Red Bull Information Pool

For late-night revellers there is a key side entry that can only be established by a protection pad.

If you are too intoxicated and also you do not remember the code then you won’t get in.

Since there is a sleep at the front associated with the coach, where motorist is, if it's later the team don't want to open the entranceway and interrupt him. Generally there's an independent entry privately that leads straight to the bed rooms – it really is an attribute leftover from the time the coach had been used by touring stone rings.

GOPRO on scott spark mountain bike
GOPRO on scott spark mountain bike
Scott Genius 2009 mountain bike
Scott Genius 2009 mountain bike
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