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Your Guide to Buying BMX bicycle PartsOwning a bicycle as a kid, teen, and sometimes even a grown-up provides many benefits, including enjoyable, workout, and competition. For several, biking evolves from a fun task into a hobby and lifelong enthusiasm. One common type of biking, called BMX, is currently a significant worldwide sport. Purchasing parts for a BMX cycle could be quick and easy, particularly if you get educated on what type of BMX bicycle parts work for your type of driving.

When looking for BMX cycle components, learn about available alternatives before generally making a purchase, including frame sizes additionally the particular gearing needed for different cycling styles. Also, find out how to locate and buy BMX bicycle parts, particularly at regional bicycle shops, sporting goods stores, or on the web marketplaces like eBay.

Reputation for BMX Bikes

BMX bicycles originated from the sixties and 1970s in Southern California, in which young ones raced their particular bicycles around dust paths to imitate the motocross superstars popular during those times. Improvements inside sport led to the creation of BMX activities like freestyle, which includes vert and street procedures, and others.

Find BMX Bicycle Parts

BMX biking has exploded in popularity since its inception. For people who drive BMX bicycles as an interest or a hobby, having the correct equipment improves security and permits more competitive cycling. Listed here areas discuss different BMX bicycle components and how these are generally relevant to each type of BMX style.

Parts of a BMX Bike

A BMX bicycle consists of numerous components. The framework and front set are simply two elements that really work collectively to provide the BMX bicycle its rate, maneuverability, and toughness. Listed here are the primary aspects of a BMX bicycle.



Includes the hand, front brakes, shock absorber, the head pipe, handlebars, therefore the handlebar grips.

Includes the spokes, hub, rim, tire, and device.

Composed of the chair post while the seat, or seat.

Consists of the pedal crank arm in addition to pedal.

Includes leading derailleur, the string, while the chain band. Some models feature a chain shield.

The rear wheel location consists of a corner wheel, the spokes, hub, rim, tire, device, the cogset, additionally the rear derailleur.

The frame of a BMX bicycle types the primary part of the bicycle and ties the whole lot together. The framework includes the utmost effective, down, and chair tubes, as well as the chair stay in addition to sequence stay, that are additionally pipes.

Understanding the parts of a BMX bike enables buyers to purchase the appropriate replacement parts.

BMX Bicycle Types

The type of BMX bicycle and parts you ought to buy rely on what you will use the bike for. Listed below are the various forms of BMX styles, a description of each and every, bike features of each, and just what each design is employed for.


Bicycle Functions


Mainly dust rushing bikes.

A lightweight framework, strong rear brake system, and knobby tires.

Dirt-track rushing, for off-road excursions.

Bikes built for doing stunts and tips.

Solid framework and tires which can be pavement prepared; a headset regarding front end that's cable-detangling, and axle pegs.

Primarily for usage at skate parks and for carrying out stunts and tricks.

a mix between a BMX and a freestyle-type bike.

Solid frame and tires, knobby tires, and a rear brake.

Leaping and carving in neighborhood trails, as well as leaping ramps.

By purchasing the correct types of bike for just what you should do ensures a safe and efficient bicycle trip.

Particular Components

Listed below are particular components of a BMX bicycle and things to choose while shopping for every component.

Frame Material and Size

  • Carbon Fiber: Lightweight and powerful, carbon dietary fiber is also costly.
  • Chromyl metal: just what many BMX bikes are constructed with, with varying percentages of metallic. To get the best frame, try to find increased chromyl content.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and less expensive, however since durable as carbon dietary fiber.

Frame Size Chart

The following is a-frame size chart for cycling lovers of most ages.




Low standover level.

4-6 years old


A little bigger than a mini.

6-9 years of age


Longer pipe size than a junior.

9-13 years old


a full-size frame.

12 and older

It is essential to use the right dimensions framework for a bikers' body dimensions to make certain a secure and luxurious ride.


BMX bikes incorporate either spoked tires or mag tires; the big spokes of a mag wheel are composed of hard synthetic or alloy materials. Most BMX cycle wheels tend to be knobby, though you can find smooth variations. They have been usually 20 inches in diameter. This makes them sturdy and helps soak up the shock from leaps, stunts, and tips.

Wheel Size Chart

20 x 1.125-inch tires

20 x 1.375-inch tires

20 x 1.5-1.75-inch tires

20 x 1.75-2.2-inch tires

Check the pipe width of this tire when buying replacement pipes to make sure you purchase the correct dimensions.


The brake system on BMX bicycles are called rim brake system, appropriately called since they sit up against the rim of tire, applying pressure and preventing the tire if the braking system handle is drawn. Freestyle bikes have both front and back brakes, while BMX and jump bikes have only back brake system.

  • Linear-Pull Brakes: These brakes provide the most useful stopping power and grip. These are the common types of brake on BMX rushing and leaping bicycles.
  • U-Brakes: these kind of brakes provide the most readily useful control. U-Brakes will be the present standard on freestyle BMX bikes.

Handlebar Grips

The handlebar grips give riders the solid hold and feel needed for a satisfying, competitive ride. The type of hold made use of is dependent upon each rider's preference. Grips needs to be durable, healthy snuggly to the handlebar, and gives a lot of ridges for gripping the manages given that driver finishes jumps and tips. Also, ensure that the stops for the grips are made of thick rubberized or synthetic to prevent the finishes from ripping down quickly. This will be a large problem about less-expensive handlebar grips.

Chain and Gear Program

Specific gearing is necessary for various kinds of BMX biking. The chart below offers information about the tooth designs from the chainwheel and cog, along with the equipment ratio for each kind.


Forward Enamel Chainwheel

Back Tooth Cog

Equipment Ratio

BMX Racing

42 to 46 teeth

16 enamel


BMX Street/ Park/ Dirt Driving

25 to 28 teeth

9 tooth


BMX Stunts and Tricks

34 to 39 teeth

14 tooth


By following the above mentioned chart, riders can guarantee obtained suitable equipment the type of driving they are doing.

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